1st Edition

Facility Logistics Approaches and Solutions to Next Generation Challenges

Edited By Maher Lahmar Copyright 2008
    336 Pages 73 B/W Illustrations
    by Auerbach Publications

    The design of facilities, warehouses, and material-handling systems as well as the management of logistics operations significantly impact the success of industrial projects. Facility Logistics: Approaches and Solutions to Next Generation Challenges explores recent developments in the technology, industrial practices, and business environments of facility logistics.

    The book first discusses the main trends impacting facility logistics operations, including visibility, security, flexibility, labor, globalization, and sustainability. It then examines the functionalities and capabilities of warehouse management systems (WMS) and outlines a comprehensive yet simple method for the quick assessment of warehouse performance. The following chapters present a set of solutions to emerging challenges in the design and management of facility logistics, along with procedures to better plan and manage the logistics activities within a production or storage facility. The final chapter reviews educational resources and offers examples of how multimedia tools can be used to develop new teaching material.

    With more globalization and outsourcing occurring as well as a greater emphasis on facility sustainability, new facility logistics challenges have emerged. By evaluating the impact of these issues on facility logistics, this volume helps you improve the design and management of your facility.

    Facility Logistics: Forces of Change, M. Ogle

    Warehouse Management Systems and Product Flow: Reconciling the Two, J.K. Higginson and J.H. Bookbinder

    Warehouse Assessment in a Single Tour, M.B.M. de Koster

    Simultaneous Facility Layout and Materials-Handling System Design, O. Al-Araidah, A. Krishnamurthy, and C.J. Malmborg

    Impact of Cross Aisles in a Rectangular Warehouse: A Computational Study, G. Ertek, B. Incel, and M.C. Arslan

    Stochastic Models for the Facilities Logistics, S.S. Heragu, G. Meng, and H. Zijm

    Staging Protocols for Unit-Load Crossdocking, J.J. Bartholdi III, K.R. Gue, and K. Kang

    Performance Analysis of Unit-Load Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems, Y.A. Bozer

    Carousel Storage Systems, E. Hassini

    Algebraic Deadlock Avoidance Policies for Sequential Resource Allocation Systems, S. Reveliotis

    Teaching Warehousing Concepts through Interactive Animations and 3-D Models, G. Ertek



    Maher Lahmar