1st Edition

Facing the Storm
Using CBT, Mindfulness and Acceptance to Build Resilience When Your World's Falling Apart

ISBN 9780415676595
Published July 25, 2011 by Routledge
216 Pages

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Book Description

Highly Commended in the 2012 BMA Book Awards

We live in a world where bad things can, and do, happen irrespective of whether we are good or bad, whether we consider ourselves lucky or doomed, and with no regard to fairness. Any of us can find ourselves facing redundancy, the breakdown of a relationship, bankruptcy or any number of life changing crises, or supporting someone else who is. And sometimes, no matter how much we might try, there’s nothing we can do to prevent or reduce the problem.

But that doesn't mean you have to be helpless; no matter how bad the situation you're about to deal with, there are things that you can do to become more resilient and that will help you face the storm that's coming towards you or yours.

Using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques and the latest developments in mindfulness and acceptance-based approaches, this practical guide will take you through each stage of preparing for, enduring and recovering from a major life crisis helping you better understand what's going on, and providing new tools for dealing with the situation.

When there's a storm coming towards you, and you can't escape it, then you have to prepare to face it. Here's how.

Table of Contents

Storms Happen: Introduction. Gale Warning: Realising You're in Trouble. Listening to the Forecasts: Making Sense of It. I Can't Believe it's Going to Hit Us: Getting Used to It. What Should We Do: Making Decisions. Keeping Going: Managing 'Normal' Daily Life. Thinking Ahead: Preparing for Afterwards. Riding the Storm: Dealing with the Emotions. Rebuilding from Driftwood: After the Event (Assuming You're There). All the Different Storms: Conclusion. Further Reading/Further Help.

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Dr Ray Owen is a clinical psychologist working in cancer and palliative care for the NHS in Herefordshire, UK. He has worked in hospital, community and hospice settings for the past 20 years


"Dr Ray Owen is a clinical psychologist working in cancer and palliative care, and with two decades of experience he’s very well placed to reflect upon our varied responses to a major life crisis. Using the metaphor of a storm, he takes us (admirably thoroughly) through the stages of preparing for the arrival of a major life crisis, its passing through, and dealing with its aftermath." - Julia Bueno, The Independent Practitioner, Autumn 2011

"At some point all of us will face a life crisis. This pragmatic yet warm-hearted book helps us to recognise that it is not so much a question of avoiding this truth, nor of living in dread of difficulty, but a question of discovering how we can face each and every moment of our lives (including the desperate ones) with honesty and with a willingness to work with our experience as it is rather than as we would like it to be. Ray Owen offers us a pragmatic tool kit that is highly relevant to the process of working with the storms of our lives and our everyday life experience with a greater degree of awareness, compassion and understanding." - Rebecca Crane, Bangor University, UK

"I would recommend this book to everyone interested in learning from a highly experienced palliative care clinician who has himself learnt from many people making final journeys – still finding routes through that are filled with laughter, hope and resilience." - Julie Stokes OBE – Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Executive Coach, Founder of Winston's Wish

"Dr Owen encourages people to find routes for themselves that are filled with laughter, hope and resilience. I recommend this book to those who are facing a crisis of any kind. Dr Owen has provided an excellent guide for clients and professionals alike. *****" - Jane Ross, Nursing Standard, Volume 26, Number 30, 2012