1st Edition

Families in Business The Next Generation of Family Evolution

    This book offers a ‘contemporary’ understanding of families in business and serves as a springboard for ongoing evolution of families, their composition, transformations, and activities.

    The first chapter in this volume highlights the different approaches to family and concludes that identifying and understanding the entity ‘family in business’ is the cornerstone to understanding behaviours of family businesses. The concept of ‘family in business’ as a socially constructed entity allows for not only a broader scope of the concept to include individuals who share a faith (chapter 2), but also multi- generational families and chosen families. Narratives, or stories, are means for families in business to mark the boundary of the family in business (chapter 3), because not all members of the family are necessarily members of the family in business. Families and their businesses influence each other (chapter 4) and engender the family influence on the firm (‘familiness’) and firm influence of the family (‘enterpriseness’). The last two chapters are dedicated to transgenerational family businesses, with a focus on learning between generations—chapter 5 highlights the importance of unlearning (to learn new knowledge and different ways of conducting business) and the final chapter focuses on what knowledge is actually transferred relative to initial plans.

    The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of Entrepreneurship & Regional Development.

    1. From family to families: pushing family entrepreneurship forward

    Kathleen Randerson, Hermann Frank, Clay Dibrell and Esra Memili

    2. The balance that sustains benedictines: family entrepreneurship across generations

    Sheila K. Hanson and Ksenia Keplinger

    3. Understanding entrepreneurial opportunities through metaphors: a narrative approach to theorizing family entrepreneurship

    Allan Discua Cruz, Eleanor Hamilton and Sarah L. Jack

    4. Structural coupling in entrepreneurial families: how business- related resources contribute to enterpriseness

    Mariana Estrada- Robles, Nick Williams and Tim Vorley

    5. Entrepreneurial learning: the transmitting and embedding of entrepreneurial behaviours within the transgenerational entrepreneurial family

    Eric Clinton, Maura McAdam, Jordan Robert Gamble and Martina Brophy

    6. Transgenerational entrepreneurship in entrepreneurial families: what is explicitly learned and what is successfully transferred?

    Junsheng Dou, Emma Su, Shengxiao Li and Daniel T. Holt


    Kathleen Randerson is Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation Department at Audencia, France.

    Hermann Frank is a professor at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria and was director of the Research Institute for Family Business until December 2021.

    Clay Dibrell is Professor of Management and the Co-Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at The University of Mississippi, USA. He is also holder of the Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurial Excellence and a US Fulbright Scholar.

    Esra Memili is Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship with Tenure and Margaret Van Hoy Hill Dean's Notable Scholar at the Bryan School of Business and Economics University of North Carolina, Greensboro, USA.