1st Edition

Family-Centered Services in Residential Treatment New Approaches for Group Care

By John Y Powell Copyright 2001
    164 Pages
    by Routledge

    164 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Adopt a more effective approach to temporary and long-term residential care!

    Presenting the voices of staff, parents, and residents, Family-Centered Services in Residential Treatment: New Approaches for Group Care examines the changes and challenges of residential care from the old-fashioned orphanage to the modern group-care home. These thoughtful essays offer suggestions and methods to provide more effective services in temporary and long-term settings.

    Containing case studies, personal experiences, and professional insights about the potentials and limitations of residential care, this reliable resource will help you develop improved services for youths and their families. Family-Centered Services in Residential Treatment presents fresh evaluations of new and old techniques as well as ideas for meeting individual needs. By building connections among parents, youths, and staff, you can develop more successful treatment programs and encourage stronger family ties even when children are best served by long-term residential care.

    Family-Centered Services in Residential Treatment addresses the crucial questions of residential care, including:

    • how can staff ease children's transitions into and out of residential care?
    • what do parents of emotionally disturbed youth need from the staff and professionals in a residential care setting?
    • what was right--and wrong--about the old-fashioned orphanage? Could such an institution work today?
    • how does the transition to the teamwork approach affect staff members?
    • when is residential care most beneficial to children?
    • what kind of care is appropriate for AIDS orphans?

      Family-Centered Services in Residential Treatment will help psychologists, therapists, and social workers unite theory and practice to create a family-oriented environment for troubled clients.

    • Preface and Tribute
    • “You Never Know”
    • Child-Centered or Family-Centered?
    • “On Runaway”
    • Reinventing Residential Childcare: An Agenda for Research and Practice
    • “Migrate”
    • Family-Centered Practice in Residential Treatment Settings: A Parent's Perspective
    • “A Matter of Economics”
    • The Carolinas Project: A Comprehensive Intervention to Support Family-Centered Group Care Practice
    • “The Bishop Visits”
    • Joining Familly-Centered Care and the Team Approach: A Conversation About Process
    • “Progress”
    • Questioning the Continuum of Care: Toward a Reconceptualization of Child Welfare Services
    • “Space Talk”
    • Looking Back to See Ahead “It's All the Little Things”
    • AIDS and a New Generation of Orphans: Is There a Role for Group Care?
    • “The Giving of Gifts”
    • Celebrating Change: A Schema for Family-Centered Practice in Residential Settings
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    John Y Powell (Author)