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Federalism And Decentralization
Constitutional Problems Of Territorial Decentralization In Federal And Centralized States

ISBN 9780367007058
Published June 17, 2019 by Routledge
488 Pages

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Book Description

This book is an outcome of the round table conference held in 1984 in Switzerland. It deals with decision of decentralization, structure of decentralized units, external power of decentralized unit, financial autonomy and decentralization and the protection of the basic rights.

Table of Contents

Section I: Decision of Decentralization 1. La decision de la decentralisation 2. Decisions on Decentralization in the Netherlands 3. La decision de decentralisation et le statut des collectivites territoriales (France) 4. Problemes de la souverainete interieure et exterieure (Suisse) 5. Constitutional Problems of Territorial Decentralization in Federal and Centralized States (United Kingdom) 6. Constitutional Problems of Territorial Decentralisation in Federal and Centralized States–Finland Section II: Structure of Decentralized Units 7. Structure of Decentralized Units 8. The Yougoslav Federation (also) as a Common Function of the Republics and Provinces. the new Content of Autonomy of the Federal Units 9. Quelques aspects de Ia decentralisation territoriale en Tunisie 10. The Concept of the Constitution (Switzerland) 11. Nouvelle loi sur le systeme de l'autogestion territoriale en Pologne 12. Decentralization and the Optimalisation of the Local Decision-making Process (Poland) Section III: Autonomy of Decentralized Units 13. Structural Decentralization in the Canadian Federal System: Judicial Decision vs. Political Accomodation (Canada) 14. L'autonomie des entites decentralisees au Zaire 15. Partially Decentralized Decision-making Bodies within a Centralized Political System: The Case of Turkey 16. Autonomy of Decentralized Units in the United States of America Section IV: External Power of Decentralized Units 17. Le pouvoir exterieur des unites decentralisees 18. Some Observations Concerning External Power of Decentralized Units (USA) 19. Parlement et representation des unites federees (Yougoslavie) Section V: Financial Autonomy 20. L' Autonomie financiere 21. L'autonomie financiere des collectivites locales franc;aises 22. Financial Autonomy (Australia) Section VI: Decentralization and the Protection 23. Federalism, Decentralization and Human Rights 24. The English System of Local Government 25. Constitutional Problems of Territorial Decentralization in Federal and Centralized States (Yougoslavia) 26. Principe de territorialite et principe de personnalite en federalisme compare (Liban) 27. La decentralisation en Republique Populaire de Chine

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