1st Edition

Field Administration An Aspect of Decentralisation

By Brian C. Smith Copyright 1967

    First published in 1967, Field Administration provides a useful introduction to a much-neglected aspect of administration. Every government finds it necessary to decentralise its administration. But in Britain much more attention has been paid to devolution, i.e., to local government, than to deconcentration, i.e., to local and regional administrative organisation, or what Mr. Smith calls field administration. Neither aspect of decentralisation can be fully understood in isolation and one great merit of this volume is it study of interrelationships between the two. To illustrate the general principles involved, case studies are provided of three kinds of field administration: the functional (the Ministry of Agriculture in the U.K.), the integrated prefectoral system (Burma) and the unintegrated prefectoral system (Northern Nigeria). This book will be of interest to students of political science, government and administration.

    1. Introduction 2. The functional system 3. The integrated prefectoral system 4. The unintegrated system 5. Conclusion Further reading Bibliography Tables


    Brian C. Smith