1st Edition

Financial Decision-Making in the Foodservice Industry Economic Costs and Benefits

Edited By Amit Sharma Copyright 2020
    282 Pages 14 Color & 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    290 Pages 14 Color & 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    282 Pages 14 Color & 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

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    The study of decision-making in foodservice is still a relatively new area of scholarly interest. The application of cost-benefit analysis and behavioral finance and economics in the foodservice context is rare. This volume, Financial Decision-Making in the Foodservice Industry: Economic Costs and Benefits,fills that gap and focuses on cost-benefit analysis, decision-making, behavioral finance, economic theories, and their application in foodservice and restaurant industry. The volume synthesizes these major themes by developing new theoretical foundations and presenting findings from the investigation of managerial practice.

    The authors cover an abundance of topical issues, including ethical obligations in foodservice, sustainability issues in the foodservice/restaurant industry, farm-to-school and local food expenditures in school foodservice settings, managerial traits and behavior in the foodservice industry, and more.


    1. Consumer Agency and the Ethical Obligations of Food Service Providers in an Era of Cheap Food, Racial Inequality, and Neoliberal Governance

    Robert M. Chiles

    2. To Be Green or Not to Be Green: Costs and Benefits Related to Sustainability Decision-Making in the Restaurant Industry

    Robin B. DiPietro

    3. Food Safety: Integrating Behavior Change and Motivation Design

    Kevin R. Roberts and Naiqing Lin

    4. Promoting More Sustainable Consumers Decisions in Foodservice Settings: Effectiveness of the “Nudges” Approach

    Laure Saulais, Maurice Doyon, and Camille Massey

    5. Nutritional Status of Children Participating in the Supplementary Nutritional Programme (SNP) and Mothers’ Perceptions of Services Provided

    Angeline Jeyakumar and Mrudula Holkar

    6. Foodservice Employees’ Knowledge of Healthy Alternative Meals Based on Out-of-Home Eating Trends in South Africa

    H. Kesa and A. N. Melani

    7. The Impact of Farm-to-School and Local Food Expenditures on School Foodservice Revenues

    Victor Motta

    8. The Influence of Managerial Traits and Behavior in the Foodservice Industry

    Kwanglim Seo

    9. U. S. Trends in Food Away from Home

    Jungtae Soh

    10. Processing Fluency: An Approach to Look for Nudge Interventions

    Yuxia Ouyang

    11. Cost-Benefit Assessment of Local Foods in Independent Restaurants

    Amit Sharma and Frode Alfnes

    12. The Tradeoff Model: An Agency Perspective to Understanding the Process of Everyday Food Choice Transactions

    Amit Sharma


    Amit Sharma, PhD, is Professor of Hospitality Finance in the School of Hospitality Management at Pennsylvania State University since 2006, and prior to that he was Assistant Professor at Iowa State University since 2002.

    “Professor Sharma’s new book on provides a welcome addition to the blossoming literature in this relatively new area of research. Our societies are becoming more complex, people’s lives more rushed, and food choices have shifted dramatically. This book captures this trend exceptionally well, with a collection of chapters that transcend research disciplines and touch on topics at macro-, meso-, and micro-level perspectives. Although the title reflects the most important focus of the book, financial decision-making, it equally reflects nonfinancial aspects of decision-making, including cultural influences, the impact of sustainability on food choices, industry structure aspects, and behavioral economics. This brings a much-needed deeper understanding of how cost-benefit analysis happens in the consumer’s mind and how consumers can be helped in making the right food choices and lead healthier lives.”

    —Xander D. Lub, Professor of Hospitality Management and Experience Design, Academy of Hotel & Facility Management, Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands


    “Professor Sharma’s book takes a deeper dive into financial decision-making in foodservice. Each chapter presents important topics ranging from ethics, sustainability, food safety, nutrition, trends, local foods, and leadership needs applicable for today’s foodservice enterprise. This book opens up a needed discussion on the bundle of needs, values, and outcomes that drive decision-making and, ultimately, survival of a foodservice operation in the food ecosystem. This approach pushes the boundaries beyond traditional notions of cost control-based decisions and outdated definitions of foodservice.” 

    —Robert J. Harrington, Professor and Associate Director, School of Hospitality Business Management, Washington State University