1st Edition

Finding Your Granite My Four Cornerstones of Personal Leadership

By Douglas P. Pflug Copyright 2022
    276 Pages 77 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    276 Pages 77 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    In "Finding your Granite", Executive Leadership Coach and Mentor Douglas Pflug walks you through some of the life experiences, lessons and key take-ways from his years as a dual sport university athlete, 28 years as a police officer, 30 years as an elite strength and conditioning coach, mentor and leader.

    Douglas accomplishes this through four very dynamic, energetic and heartfelt sections entitled: "The Struggle" "Dash Leadership" "Four Cornerstones of Personal Leadership" and "Rise Up and Excel". The Author’s mentoring and protégé process and implementation of #RiseUpAndExcel and #StrongerFasterFitter methodologies assists people in discovering "who they were, who they are and whom they want to be" moving forward in this post COVID 19 world.  

    This book was written through the eyes of an "everyday guy" and designed to educate, entertain and inspire front line 911 emergency workers to seek and achieve their potential. Additionally, this book will also be an essential resource for individuals and business leaders who wish to stay ahead of the evolving leadership trends of strategic thinking, inspiration and motivation, strong interpersonal skills, vision, decisiveness and passion.

    1.       That little sucker won't die

    2.       The early years: Digging deep and building a foundation for potential success

    3.       “Ram Tumkur and my crash into the abyss. Welcome to the planet, Doug”

    4.       The University of Guelph “Gryphon” Football & Wrestling

    5.       “Answering the Call to Serve and Protect”

    6.       When darkness creeps in, try to focus on any light you can find

    7.       “The crash into the pit of despair”

    8.       Lessons learned as an Elite Strength and Conditioning Coach

    9.       My Dream Job

    10.   Sgt. Pflug goes back to the Uniform Division

    11.   “Rebirth out of the ashes and #RiseUpAndExcel”.

    12.   Four Cornerstones of Personal Leadership

    13.   “Understanding their “why”.

    14.   The Four Cornerstones of personal leadership

    15.   “NO or Next Opportunity”,

    16.   Time to practise what I teach

    17.   What’s next?  Actionable goals for you to #RiseUpAndExcel”

    18.   Covid-19 and "#RiseUpAndExcel"

    19.   Multimedia Resources, where else can you find Doug

    20.   Significant career achievements

    21.   Final thoughts





    Douglas Paul Pflug, Executive Leadership – Cornell University. Executive Leadership Coach, Instructor, Mentor, Keynote Speaker and Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach. Doug retired as a Sergeant with the Guelph Police Service on September 28, 2017, after 28 years of exemplary service. He holds his Executive Leadership, High-Performance Leadership, Change Leadership and Managing for Execution certificates from Cornell University, Ithica NY. He was awarded the Sovereign Medal for Volunteers in 2020, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012, and the Governor General-Police Exemplary Medal in 2010. In 2016, he was awarded the City of Guelph Mayor's Award for his outstanding and ongoing commitments to Guelph in both his personal and professional capacity.

    REVIEW #1 by :

    Dr. Gary Marshall – DBA - Leadership


    "Finding Your Granite my Four Cornerstones of Personal Leadership is a moving and powerful memoir.  The author, Doug Pflug, grew up in a small town in Southern Western Ontario, where from a very early age, had to overcome unimaginable obstacles. Doug decided to attend university to escape the confines of small-town life, where his stint as a standout athlete led him to discover his real calling as a law enforcement officer. This memoir chronicles his internal struggle to understand his version of his life and to have the courage to step forward from his past. It offers a glimpse into a way of life that most of us will never experience, as well as an inspiring story about one man’s capacity to rise up and excel. Read this book now!"

    REVIEW #2 by:

    Adam Kinakin - Founder, International Law Enforcement Training Network


    "Doug’s story brought back many of the struggles I faced during my time with the Canadian Forces and post-service. It is a story that many veterans and public safety members share, and I am truly inspired by Doug and his ability to put that fight into words and his willingness and courage to share it with others.  A key underlying principle to leadership displayed is that not all outstanding leaders are born but are created. Leadership is a journey that a select few navigate with the grace and humility that is showed in this book. A must-read for LEOs and public safety professionals".

    REVIEW #3 by:

    Chris D. Lewis, OPP Commissioner (Ret.) and author of "Never Stop on a Hill" 

    "Reflecting on his life and career, Doug recounts the many events and people that shaped him. From a serious childhood illness, through school, his involvement in sports, coaching, and a successful police career – he learned from the good and from the bad along that journey. He presents his personal learnings and advice on resiliency and leadership from the heart, and additionally offers challenges to make the reader a better person and leader. A down-to-earth and enjoyable read!"

    REVIEW #4 by:

    James "Jim" Barker, Canadian Football League GM, VP and Coach: 4-time Grey Cup Champion.  XFL Coach and Champion. TSN CFL Analyst.


    "Webster’s dictionary symbolizes ‘granite’ as possessing "unyielding firmness or endurance". Doug Pflug provides a blueprint for life based of real-life experiences from birth and how he utilized many of his life moments to create a legacy driven by the ideals of "firmness and endurance". We all have life history and Doug tells his story like we are at a backyard barbecue - relaxed and sincere - in hopes we can identify with something that can help us as we create our own legacy".