1st Edition

Fix Your Supply Chain How to Create a Sustainable Lean Improvement Roadmap

By Paul Husby, Dan Swartwood Copyright 2009
    214 Pages 57 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    Written by business leaders for business leaders, this book explores successful supply chain improvement requirements and improvement methodologies, along with their strengths and limitations. It covers the use of these techniques in a story about Twin City Manufacturing, a fictitious company based on the authors’ actual experiences. The principles put forth in this volume show how to enable and sustain long-term change.

    Whether you are intimately familiar with the supply chain discipline or have limited experience, the authors provide a valuable roadmap that can be applied to supply chain improvement. Drawing from their combined 70 years of experience with supply chain–related functions, they explore seven factors that can help a company become one of the few that truly achieve and maintain operational excellence. 

    1. Top company leadership

    2. Improvement methodology

    3. Continuous improvement strategy

    4. The cause and the vision

    5. The Sustainable Improvement Roadmap

    6. Enablement of sustainability

    7. Constancy of purpose

    Operational excellence is required to make any winning business strategy sustainable, but it is only achieved and sustained through continuous improvement, and these improvements must be real. This book will arm you with the knowledge and methods needed to identify needed change and the tools to implement them, and perhaps most importantly, give you the confidence needed to become an effective change agent.

    The Seven Components of Sustainable Supply Chain Improvement

    Top Leadership Champion

    Continuous Improvement Strategy and Methodologies


    A Cause and a Vision

    The Cause

    The Vision

    Value Creation for Customers through Improving

    Supply Chain Performance




    Metrics and Rewards


    Organization Structure

    IT Systems

    Leadership Development

    Constancy of Purpose


    Improvement Methodologies Six Sigma, Lean, Theory of Constraints, and SCOR

    Operational Definitions

    Six Sigma

    Six Sigma Infrastructure Requirements

    Lean System

    Implementing the Lean System

    The Lean Practices

    Roles and Processes


    Monitoring and Control

    Improvement Opportunity Identification and

    Problem Solving

    Repeating the Cycle Forever

    Assessing Lean

    Theory of Constraints

    Thinking Process Used to Create and Implement


    Supply Chain Operations Reference Model

    What is SCOR?

    Barriers to Implementation


    Sustainable Improvement Roadmap Comparing Continuous Improvement Strategies

    SCOR: Strengths and Limitations



    Lean: Strengths and Limitations



    Six Sigma: Strengths and Limitations



    Theory of Constraints: Strengths and Limitations



    Sustainable Improvement Roadmap

    Resolving the Unmitigated Limitations

    Lack of Supply Chain Collaboration

    Process Definition

    Attributes of the Sustainable Improvement

    Roadmap: Strengths and Solutions for the

    Unmitigated Limitations

    Impact of SIR


    The Role of the CEO: Creating the Vision

    How to Formulate the Vision: First Face Reality, Then Communicate It

    The Sustainable Improvement Roadmap

    Creating Value for Customers

    Customer Value

    Financial and Operational Benchmarking

    Case Study: Twin City Manufacturing

    Step 1: Assess the Current State of the Business

    Step 2: Assess the Supply Chain Using SCOR


    Step 3: Review Strategy

    Creating Value for Customers

    Step 4: Gather Customer Information

    Step 5: Make the Business Case

    Step 6: Build Implementation Plan for Priority



    The Role of the CEO and Leadership Team Implementing the Methodology

    Twin City Manufacturing’s Sustainable

    Improvement Roadmap

    Factors Affecting the Success of an

    Implementation Plan

    Twin City Manufacturing’s Implementation Program

    Implementation of Priority Projects


    The Role of Leadership in Creating a Sustainable Improvement Roadmap






    IT Systems


    The Role of Absolute Commitment in Creating and Maintaining Sustainable Improvement

    How to Properly Design Supply Chains

    How to Define Customers and Their Expectations

    How to Create a Supply Chain Dashboard

    How to Design Material Flow

    How to Design Work and Information Flow

    Risk Considerations

    Financial Considerations

    How to Measure Customer Satisfaction

    How to Create a Maturity Model

    Challenges to Maintaining Your Company’s

    Supply Chain

    The Importance of Training

    Set Stretch Goals

    Implement an Evaluation Process

    Commit Yourself to Hands-On Leadership—

    Don’t Delegate



    Training Services


    Valuable Books about Lean

    Implementation Tools

    Reference Books


    About the Authors



    Paul Husby is affiliated with the 3M Company in St. Paul, Minnesota. Dan Swartwood is Director of Process and Supply Chain Design for Satellite Logistics Group in Houston, Texas.

    This book enables you to quickly gain a broad understanding of key supply chain improvement tools or to do a deep dive into a very detailed and realistic case study.
    —Jim Stake, Executive V.P., 3M Display and Graphics Markets

    Paul knows more about lean and supply chain management than anyone I know and has hit a home run with his new book."
    —Art Hill, Operations Management Professor, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

    If you value continuous improvement and are looking to gain a better understanding of complementary methodologies, this is your book.
    —Jerome Hamilton, 3M Director, Lean Six Sigma and Initiatives