Flagellates : Unity, Diversity and Evolution book cover
1st Edition

Unity, Diversity and Evolution

ISBN 9780748409143
Published June 8, 2000 by CRC Press
414 Pages

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Book Description

The Flagellates presents a multidisciplinary view of the flagellates exploring both their unity, in terms of their structure, mechanisms and processes, and their diversity in terms of biogeography, niche colonisation, and adaptations to their environment. In addition, evolutionary relationships amongst flagellates are explored. This is the only book published on this subject and features the most up to date information available making it an essential read for any one interested in or working in this field.

Table of Contents

1. The Flagellates: Historical Perspectives 2. The Flagellate Condition 3. Mechanisms of Flagellar Propulsion 4. The Flagellate Cytoskeleton: Introduction of a General Terminology for Microtubular Flagellar Roots in Protists 5. Molecular Aspects of the Centrin Based Cytoskeleton in Flagellates 6. The Cell Surface of Flagellates 7. Sensory Mechanisms: Phototaxes and Light Perceptions in Algae 8. Trophic Strategies 9. Amitochondriate Flagellates 10. Adaptations to Parasitism among Flagellates 11. Flagellates and the Microbial Loop 12. Functional Diversity of Heterotrophic Flagellates in Aquatic Ecosystems 13. Geographic Distribution and Diversity of Free Living Heterotrophic Flagellates 14. Cosmopolitan Haptophytes Flagellates and their Genetic Links 15. Occurrence and Loss of Organelles 16. Flagellate Phylogeny: an Ultrastructural Approach 17. Flagellate Megaevolution: the Basis for Eukaryote Diversification, Plymouth marine Lab, UK, Sharon McReady, John Raven, University of Dundee, UK, Michael Holwill, King's College London, UK, Helen Taylor, √ėjvind Moestrup, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Peter Hart, Jeff Salisbury, Mayo Clinic Foundation, USA, Burkhard Becker, Botanisched Institut, Germany, Hiroshi Kawai, Kobe University, Japan, Michael Sleigh, University of Southampton, UK, Hartmut Arndt, University of Cologne, Germany, Johanna Laybourn-Parry, Jackie Parry, University of Lancaster, UK, David Patterson, University of Sydney, Australia, Won Je Lee, Linda Medlin, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany, Gut Brugerolle, Universit√© Blaise Pascal de Clemont-Ferrand, France, Keith Vickerman, University of Glasgow, UK, Mark Farmer, University of Georgia, USA, Marshall Darley, Serguei Karpov, University of St. Petersburg, Russia, Tom Cavalier-Smith, University of Oxford, UK,

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Barry S. C. Leadbeater, J. C. Green