1st Edition

Focus On Photographing People Focus on the Fundamentals

By Haje Jan Kamps Copyright 2011

    Taking good photographs of people is a combination of many factors: What is the best light for the subject? How should they stand? What aperture should you use for maximum impact? This easy-to-follow, highly visual guide to portraiture explains the technical and aesthetic considerations of creating great images. Step-by-step instruction, tips from an experienced professional photographer, project assignments and gorgeous photography make learning how to take good photos of people quick and easy. Aimed at beginners or amateurs toting a DSLR and wanting pointers on how to make their people photography really shine, this book offers the basics on composition, lighting, posing, street photography and post-production techniques in a fun andconversational manner.

    Chapter 1 Introduction; Chapter 2 Equipment; Chapter 3 Photography Basics; Chapter 4 Composition and Making People Look Good; Chapter 5 Getting Creative; Chapter 6 Street Photography; Chapter 7 Photo Editing; Chapter 8 How to Learn More;


    Haje Jan Kamps has been a freelance writer and photographer as well as an editor. In addition to his popular do-it-yourself photography blog, photocritic.org, Haje is known for his creative inventions such as the macro extendion tube he made from a pringles can.