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Food Analysis & Properties

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This CRC series Food Analysis and Properties is designed to provide a state-of-art coverage on topics to the understanding of physical, chemical and functional properties of foods: including (1) recent analysis techniques of a choice of food components; (2) developments and evolutions in analysis techniques related to food; (3) recent trends in analysis techniques of specific food components and/or a group of related food components.

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Spectroscopic Methods in Food Analysis

Spectroscopic Methods in Food Analysis

1st Edition

Edited By Adriana S. Franca, Leo M.L. Nollet
December 21, 2017

Given the inherent complexity of food products, most instrumental techniques employed for quality and authenticity evaluation (e.g., chromatographic methods) are time demanding, expensive, and involve a considerable amount of manual labor. Therefore, there has been an increasing interest in simpler...

Multiresidue Methods for the Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Food

Multiresidue Methods for the Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Food

1st Edition

Edited By Horacio Heinzen, Leo M.L. Nollet, Amadeo R. Fernandez-Alba
October 18, 2017

In the last decades the public concern on the pesticide residues content in foods have been steadily rising. The global development of food trade implies that aliments from everywhere in the world can reach the consumer`s table. Therefore, the identification of agricultural practices that employ ...

Marine Microorganisms Extraction and Analysis of Bioactive Compounds

Marine Microorganisms: Extraction and Analysis of Bioactive Compounds

1st Edition

Edited By Leo M.L. Nollet
September 12, 2016

The marine environment covers 70% of the earth’s surface and accounts for 98% of the potentially habitable space. The bioactives from marine microorganisms include antibiotic compounds, polysaccharides, inhibitors, enzymes, peptides, and pigments. These are used in various fields of biology that ...

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