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    by CRC Press

    280 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Food Phytates takes a new look at phytates, including their potential health benefits. It includes the latest information on the beneficial heath effects of phytates, the influence of phytates in disease prevention, the potential use of phytate as an antioxidant in foods, and phytase expression in transgenic plants. In 14 chapters, leading researchers shed new light on phytates' potential ability to lower blood glucose, reduce cholesterol and triacylglycerols, and reduce the risks of cancer and heart disease.

    Introduction. A Global Estimate of Phytic Acid and Phosphorus in Crop Grains, Seeds, and Fruits. Occurrence, Distribution, Content, and Dietary Intake of Phytate. Biosynthesis of Phytate in Food Grains and Seeds. Genetics of Phytic Acid Synthesis and Accumulation. Phytase Expression in Transgenic Plants. Stability of Plant and Microbial Phytases. Methods for Analysis of Phytate. In vitro and in vivo Degradation of Phytate. Influence of Processing Technologies on Phytate and Its Removal. The Antioxidants Effects of Inositol Phosphates. Potential Use of Phytate as an Antioxidant in Cooked Meats. Phytate and Mineral Bioavailability. Role of Phytic Acid in Cancer and Other Diseases.


    N. Rukma Reddy, Shridhar K. Sathe