2nd Edition

Food Polysaccharides and Their Applications

Edited By Alistair M. Stephen, Glyn O. Phillips Copyright 2006
    748 Pages 231 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Comprehensive in scope, Food Polysaccharides and Their Applications, Second Edition explains the production aspects and the chemical and physical properties of the main classes of polysaccharaides consumed as food, highlighting their nutritional value and their technological characteristics.

    Chapters in this new edition detail the source, biosynthesis, molecular structures, and physical properties of polysaccharides. They also explore production and uses in food formulations; the effects of cooking and interactions with proteins, lipids, sugars, and metal ions; analytical methods, including identification and quantitative determination; and nutritional and ecological considerations with emphasis on genetic engineering of food crops. The editors carefully balance coverage of fundamental aspects and practical implications for the food industry.

    What’s New in the Second Edition:

  • Explains the preparation of new starch esters and improved techniques for the production of acid-converted and oxidized starches
  • Details new information on the natural functions of cell wall polysaccharides of seeds in relation to their molecular structures, biosynthesis and enzymatic hydrolysis
  • Presents additional references that include those relating to IR and NMR spectrometric methods of analysis
  • Introduction, Alistair M. Stephen and Shirley C. Churms
    Starch: Structure, Analysis, and Application, Henry F. Zobel and Alistair M. Stephen
    Modified Starches, Otto B. Wurzburg
    Starch Hydrolysates, Paul H. Blanchard and Frances R. Katz
    Cellulose and Cellulose Derivatives, Donald G. Coffey, David A. Bell, and Alan Henderson
    Galactomannans and Other Cell Wall Storage Polysaccharides in Seeds, Michael J. Gidley and J.S. Grant Reid
    Agars, Norman F. Stanley
    Gelling Carrageenans, Lennart Piculell
    Alginates, Kurt Ingar Draget, Størker T. Moe, Gudmund Skjåk-Bræk, and Olav Smidsrød
    Inulin, Anne Franck
    Pectins: Structure, Functionality, and Uses, J.A. Lopes da Silva, and M.A. Rao
    Bacterial Polysaccharides, V.J. Morris
    Gums and Mucilages, Peter A. Williams, Glyn O. Phillips, Alistair M. Stephen, and Shirley C. Churms
    Chitosans, Kjell M. Vårum and Olav Smidsrød
    Polysaccharides in Food Emulsions, George A. van Aken
    Polysaccharide Rheology and In-Mouth Perception, K. Nishinari
    Phase Behavior in Mixed Polysaccharide Systems, Vladimir Tolstoguzov
    Dietary Fiber, Andrew Chesson
    Genetic Engineering and Food Crops, Jennifer A. Thomson
    Detection and Determination of Polysaccharides in Foods, Yolanda Brummer and Steve W. Cui Index


    Glyn O. Phillips, Alistair M. Stephen

    “This new edition covers the changes that are currently taking place in the knowledge and development of new polysaccharides and related derivatives. Each chapter is written by different authors, but they are uniform in quality, with negligible overlap, and are well referenced.”
    —Food and Nutrition Bulletin, Vol. 27, No. 4, 2006
    “Describes the sources, biosynthesis, molecular structures, and physical properties of food polysaccharides, as well as their production and use in food formulation and the effect of cooking on their interactions with proteins, lipids, sugars, and metal ions. Presents analytical methods and nutritional and ecological considerations.”
    — In Journal of Agricultural & food Chemistry (JAFC), July 2007
    “In this ever-changing field of biochemistry, the analysis and evaluation of polysaccharide foodstuffs is of utmost importance, and this second edition has been updated to reflect recent developments and discoveries…This book has an impressively comprehensive scope regarding the subject of the title, and will be of use to both students and professionals in the area of food technology, nutritional science and biochemistry.”
    —Carbohydrate Polymers, 2007

    "The editors carefully balance the coverage of fundamental aspects and practical implications for the food industry."

    Cellulose Chemistry & Technology, Vol. 42, 2008