404 Pages 105 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    404 Pages 105 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This introductory textbook provides a thorough guide to the management of food and beverage outlets, from their day-to-day running through to the wider concerns of the hospitality industry. It explores the broad range of subject areas that encompass the food and beverage market and its main sectors – fast food and casual dining, hotels and quality restaurants and event, industrial and welfare catering. It also looks at some of the important trends affecting the food and beverage industry, covering consumers, the environment and ethical concerns as well as developments in technology.

    New to this edition:

    • New chapter: Classifying food and drink service operations.
    • New international case studies throughout covering the latest industry developments within a wide range of businesses.
    • Enhanced coverage of financial aspects, including forecasting and menu pricing with respective examples of costings.
    • New coverage of contemporary trends, including events management, use of technology, use of social media in marketing, customer management and environmental concerns, such as sourcing, sustainability and waste management.
    • Updated companion website, including new case studies, PowerPoint slides, multiple choice questions, revision notes, true or false questions, short answer questions and new video and web links per chapter.

    It is illustrated in full colour and contains in-chapter activities as well as end-of-chapter summaries and revision questions to test the readers' knowledge as they progress. Written by a team of authors with many years of industry practice and teaching experience, this book is the ideal guide to the subject for hospitality students and industry practitioners alike.

    Chapter 1: Introducing food and beverage management

    Chapter 2: Classifying food and drink service operations

    Chapter 3: Restaurants and events – the direct market

    Chapter 4: Contract foodservice, travel and public sector catering - the indirect market

    Chapter 5: Developing the concept

    Chapter 6: The Menu

    Chapter 7: Purchasing and storage

    Chapter 8 Production and Service

    Chapter 9: Controlling the Operation

    Chapter 10: Staffing Issues

    Chapter 11 Food and beverage marketing

    Chapter 12: Managing quality in food and drink service operations

    Chapter 13 Trends and Developments


    Bernard Davis wrote the first edition of this book and led its development through the second and third editions to become the best-selling text that it is today.

    Andrew Lockwood is Forte Professor of Hospitality Management in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Surrey.

    Peter Alcott retired from his post as Senior Tutor for Professional Training and SCEPTrE Fellow at the University of Surrey in September 2009, where he now teaches hospitality management modules on a part-time basis.

    Ioannis S. Pantelidis is a Principal Lecturer in Hospitality Management at the University of Brighton.

    'This venerable textbook has occupied an important space in the hospitality literature for many years as both a theoretical and practical asset for students, educators, and industry.  The sixth edition continues the sound exposition of fundamentals as well as an updating of contemporary issues and trends, and furthers the book’s status as a valuable resource for breadth and depth of food & beverage management skills and knowledge.' Michael J. Gross, School of Management, University of South Australia

    'The food service industry is a significant part of any economy and this book describes in helpful detail its diversity and complex nature. Types of services, their markets, and the skills required are clearly delineated. We learn the kind of decisions that need to be made and the challenges that have to be confronted. Students, practitioners and entrepreneurs will find this text invaluable.' Michael Riley, University of Surrey, UK

    'The sixth edition of Food and beverage Management is not only an excellent introduction to this important element of hospitality management, but also a first class teaching resource and an invaluable reference source for lecturers and students alike. In addition to continuing to provide a robust overview of the long standing concepts of food and beverage management, this new addition addresses important emerging issues such as event management, corporate social responsibility and the ever increasing influence of social media. For the lecturer, this edition provides a range of case studies and up to date examples of contemporary management of food and beverage operations as well as slides, assessment ideas and links to external websites. For the student, this is an essential text that provides a thorough overview of food and beverage management.' Paul Barron, Council  for Hospitality Management Education, UK