1st Edition

Food and Nutrition Throughout Life A comprehensive overview of food and nutrition in all stages of life

By Sue Shepherd, Antonia Thodis Copyright 2015
    392 Pages
    by Routledge

    392 Pages
    by Routledge

    Nutritional requirements vary greatly according to age and lifestyle. This evidence-based, comprehensive text is a complete guide to eating habits across age and population groups. It provides the recommendations for intakes of nutrients and foods, and diet to achieve optimum health.

    Chapters systematically examine the nutritional issues for individuals from preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding through to adulthood and old age. The text features an overview of dietary patterns by age group based on national scientific survey data together with the latest recommendations for optimum nutrition to maintain well-being and address specific health concerns. The final section examines nutrition issues for specific populations including indigenous groups, athletes and the disadvantaged. Throughout the text, key points are illustrated by case studies and the reader's knowledge is tested via quizzes and study questions.

    With chapters from leading nutrition researchers and educators in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, this is an excellent introduction to nutrition through the lifespan.

    'A comprehensive overview and detailed discussion of food and nutrition topics for all ages and stages of life.' - Robynne Snell, Curtin University

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    1 Food and nutrition basics

    2 Cultures, beliefs and food habits


    3 Preconception

    4 Conception and pregnancy

    5 Lactation

    6 Newborn and infant (0-12 months)

    7 Toddler and preschooler (1-5 years)

    8 Child (6-12 years)

    9 Pre-adolescent and adolescent (13-18 years)

    10 Young adult (19-25 years)

    11 Early and middle adult (26-60 years)

    12 Older adult (61-84 years)

    13 Later stage older adult (85 years and over)


    14 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nutrition and health

    15 New Zealand and Maori nutrition and health

    16 Asia-Pacific nutrition and health


    17 Sports nutrition

    18 Poverty, disadvantage and food insecurity

    19 Mental health

    20 Migrant health


    Appendix 1: Clinical signs and symptoms of nutritional deficiencies

    Appendix 2: Drug interactions with foods, herbs and nutrients

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    SHARON CROXFORD is an accredited practising dietitian and senior academic at La Trobe University, Melbourne. She has worked in clinical, community and food service dietetic practice in Australia and the United Kingdom.

    CATHERINE ITSIOPOULOS is the founding head of the Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition at La Trobe University, Melbourne. She is an accredited practising dietitian with almost 30 years' experience in academia, research and clinical practice.

    ADRIENNE FORSYTH is a dual-qualified accredited practising dietitian and accredited exercise physiologist, and is a lecturer in dietetics and human nutrition at La Trobe University, Melbourne.

    REGINA BELSKI is an accredited practising dietitian and senior lecturer and researcher in the Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition at La Trobe University, Melbourne.

    ANTONIA (TANIA) THODIS is a clinical dietitian and is involved in nutrition research and teaching at La Trobe University, Melbourne.

    SUE SHEPHERD is an advanced accredited practicing dietitian and a senior lecturer at La Trobe University, Melbourne.

    AUDREY TIERNEY is a senior clinical dietitian at Alfred Health and a senior lecturer and academic at La Trobe University, Melbourne.