Forensic Autopsy : A Handbook and Atlas book cover
1st Edition

Forensic Autopsy
A Handbook and Atlas

ISBN 9781439800645
Published February 18, 2010 by CRC Press
161 Pages - 296 Color Illustrations

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Book Description

All too often, forensic pathologists perform autopsies that are limited only to the body parts that are suspect, leading to biased and inaccurate results. A correct diagnosis for cause of death can only be reached by a strict and systematic examination of the whole body. Providing a step-by-step, photo-assisted guide to complete autopsy procedures, Forensic Autopsy: A Handbook and Atlas commands the field in offering the most advanced and complete resource of its kind.

Packed with more color photos than any other leading autopsy reference, this volume explores:

  • External cadaver examination
  • Organ removal methods
  • Laboratory procedures
  • Microscopy applications
  • New imaging techniques
  • Pediatric and fetal autopsy
  • Pre- and postautopsy procedures
  • Genetic disease and DNA diagnosis
  • Autopsy protocol for the examination of the vertebral artery

From macroscopic to microscopic approaches, this volume provides detailed guidelines for performance of autopsy on every part of the human body. Using these standardized protocols and with the proper knowledge, training, and experience, pathologists can develop the skill needed to become experts in their field.

Table of Contents

A Methodological Approach to the External Examination, S. D’Errico
Sex, Race, and Age
Height and Weight
Time of Death Indicators
General Recommendations
Head Examination
Neck Examination
Chest Examination
Abdomen Examination
Shoulder and Upper Extremities
Lower Extremities and External Genitalia
Dorsal and Lumbar Regions

The Autopsy, C. Pomara, S. B. Karch, and V. Fineschi
Adult Autopsy
Primary Incision of the Soft Tissues of the Thoracic–Abdominal Wall
Access to the Thoracic Cavity
Evisceration According to Virchow’s Technique
Access to the Neck Region
Evisceration According to Ghon’s Technique (En Bloc)
Access to the Face
Access to the Abdominal Cavity
The Letulle Technique: En Masse Removal
The Virchow Technique
Dissection of the Head
Removal of the Brain
Vertebral Resection and Cord Removal
Arm Dissection
Leg Dissection
Macroscopic Examination and Resection of the Resected Organs

Pediatric and Fetal Autopsies, I. Riezzo
The External Examination
Removal of the Brain
Access to the Chest
Evisceration Methods
Examination of the Placenta
Histological Sections

Laboratory Technologies and Methodologies, F. Bucchieri, F. Rappa, and F. Cappello
Specimen Collection Techniques
Inclusion Technique
Frozen Sections
Embedding Methods: Paraffin
Other Embedding Media
General Staining Procedures
Histochemical Stainings
Mounting Procedures

Beyond and Together with Autopsy Techniques: Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy in Forensic Medicine, M. Neri

Postmortem Radiology and Digital Imaging, S. D’Errico, V. G. Guglielmi, and C. Pomara
Computed Tomography and "Virtopsy"
Magnetic Nuclear Resonance (MNR) Imaging

Genetic Disease and DNA Diagnosis, C. Pomara, S. B. Karch, and V. Fineschi
Sudden Cardiac Death and Genetic Disease
Diagnostic Techniques
The Future of Large-Scale Screening Techniques

Autopsy Protocol for the Examination of the V3–V4 Segments of the Vertebral Artery: The Introna-Corrado Method, F. Introna and S. Corrado


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— Adriano Fileni, Presidente Sezione Etica e Radiologia Forense, in Radiol Med