1st Edition

Forensic Case Histories Understanding Serious Offending Behaviour in Men

By Jackie Craissati Copyright 2021
    174 Pages
    by Routledge

    174 Pages
    by Routledge

    Forensic Case Histories: Understanding Serious Offending Behaviour in Men examines men’s violent and sexual offending behaviours, outlined through a series of real offender narratives, from a psychological perspective and in an accessible manner that will engage any audience, from the criminology-intrigued layperson to the specialist in the field.

    This unique and conversational text thinks psychologically about serious crime, offering a compilation of men’s narratives that explore their life experiences and the ways in which these experiences influence their behaviour in adulthood. Each chapter addresses a particular theme, covering frequently asked questions in the field such as, 'How can an apparently motiveless offence have meaning?' and 'Is psychopathy a personality disorder, and why do we struggle to treat individuals with such traits?' The narratives of individuals who offend are central to the discussion, but the chapters each draw on the relevant facts from the research literature and highlight key learning points. Many chapters also feature 'Further Reading' sections to expand readers’ knowledge.

    Both educational and accessible, Forensic Case Histories will appeal not only to specialists but to any layperson curious to understand more about criminal acts. It is especially valuable to students and instructors of criminal justice, mental health, and related fields.

    1. Introduction: Setting the scene 2. Adam’s story: Revealing the layers of meaning in an offence 3. Bill and Chris’ story: Understanding why denying the offence might be a protective factor and unrelated to future risk 4. David and Eddie’s story: Understanding the impact of a childhood in care in relation to later violent offending 5. Frank’s story: Understanding how sexual victimisation in childhood might be linked to the abuse of others in adulthood 6. Kevin, Len and Mark’s story: Getting to grips with risk assessment 7. Owen’s story: Personality disorder and psychopathy, mad or bad? 8. Peter, Quinn, Rob and Stuart’s story: severe mental illness and violence, understanding risk and responsibility for those who are violent 9. Tom, Vic and William’s story: Fantasy, planning and ‘seemingly irrelevant decisions’10. The practitioner’s story: Reflecting on our emotional responses to the work


    Dr. Jackie Craissati MBE has more than 30 years of experience in forensic mental health and criminal justice services, and is the author of five books on the subject of men with sexual convictions, and the management of offenders with a diagnosis of personality disorder.

    "This book is the equivalent of inviting a very interesting and knowledgeable forensic psychologist round for dinner, and using the opportunity to pick their brains about the reality behind the Tabloid headlines that scream out at us on the subject of violent or sexual crime. Stories (aka detailed case studies) are used to skillfully unravel psychological explanations for such acts. Make yourself a cup of tea, pull up a chair, and get ready to lose yourself in a fascinating read that will inspire, captivate and educate, regardless of starting level of knowledge. And you may as well cancel that newspaper subscription while you are at it - superficial headlines will simply annoy you hereafter." —Belinda Winder, Nottingham Trent University, UK

    "Forensic Case Histories provides invaluable insight into the growing reliance on risk assessment in criminal justice. Craissati draws on her unparalleled experience to juxtapose individual case studies with wider research, making complex concepts accessible. It is essential reading for all professionals, lawyers and judicial bodies working with people convicted of serious offences." —Simon Creighton, Bhatt Murphy Solicitors, UK