Forensic Science Laboratory Manual and Workbook, Revised Edition: 2nd Edition (e-Book) book cover

Forensic Science Laboratory Manual and Workbook, Revised Edition

By Thomas Kubic, Nicholas Petraco

© 2005 – CRC Press

368 pages | 178 B/W Illus.

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A laboratory companion to the Forensic Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Investigative Techniques textbook, Forensic Science Laboratory Manual and Workbook, Revised Edition provides many basic, hands-on experiments that can be completed with inexpensive and accessible instrumentation, making this an ideal workbook for non-science majors.

The experiments cover all the typical trace evidence tests including body fluid, soil, glass, fiber, ink, and hair. This revised edition provides numerous new experiments in odontology, anthropology, archeology, chemistry, and trace evidence. It also includes several new chemistry experiments at a slightly higher level to appeal to classes emphasizing chemistry. Experiments involving impression evidence, such as fingerprints, bite marks, footwear, and firearms, as well as forensic archeology, forensic anthropology, the use of digital and traditional photography, and basic microscopy are also featured.

All of the experiments incorporate hands-on elements to facilitate the learning process. Students must apply the scientific method of reasoning, deduction, and problem solving in order to successfully complete the experiments covered and attain a solid understanding of fundamental forensic science.


"…a useful stand-alone text for anyone wishing to develop or deliver an introductory course in forensic investigation. . .The background knowledge sections are a useful supplement to the text, and interesting reading in their own right… 'Forensics' is a very attractive medium for presenting the scientific method to students and I would recommend this manual as one of the better options for delivery of interesting skills-based science!"

-Marie Walsh, in Physical Sciences Educational Reviews, Vol. 7, No. 1, 2006

Table of Contents

A- Equipment List

B- Safety Rules

C- Forward

D- List of Experiments

Experiment 1 Scientific Measurement and Errors

Experiment 2 Understanding Elements of Identification and Individualization

Experiment 3 Use of The Compound Microscope

Experiment 4 Stereomicroscopes and Firing Pin Impressions (Tool Marks)

Experiment 5 Fingerprinting: Obtaining, Lifting and Classifying Inked and Latent Fingerprints

Experiment 6 Identification and Matching of Fingerprints

Experiment 7 Cyanoacrylate (Super-Glue®) Fuming for Fingerprint Development

Experiment 8 Crime Scene Investigation: Handling Evidence

Experiment 9 Trace Evidence Collection and Sorting

Experiment 10 Sample Preparation for Microscopic Examination

Experiment 11 Examination of Human Hair

Experiment 12 Examination of Mammalian Hair

Experiment 13 Measurements with the Microscope

Experiment 14 Examination of Synthetic Fibers

Experiment 15 Basics of Photography

Experiment 16 Black and White Photography

Experiment 17 Collection of Footwear Evidence

Experiment 18 Identification and Matching of Footwear

Experiment 19 Tool Mark Examination

Experiment 20 Glass Fractures and the Direction of Force

Experiment 21 Thin Layer Chromatography: Separation of Dyes in Ballpoint Pen Inks

Experiment 22 Digital Photography

Experiment 23 Bloodstain Pattern Geometry (Parts A & B)

Experiment 24 Forgery Detection

Experiment 25 Soil Examination and Comparison

Experiment 26 Odonotology 1 - Is it a Bite Mark?

Experiment 27 Odonotology 2 - Bite Mark Evidence

Experiment 28 Archeology- Excavating a Burial Site for Human Remains and Other Potential Physical Evidence

Experiment 29 Forensic Anthropology 1 - Determining the Sex of an Unknown Person from their Skeletal Remains

Experiment 30 Forensic Anthropology 2 - Determining the Age of an Unknown Person from their Skeletal Remains

Experiment 31 Forensic Use of Digital Photography

Experiment 32 Identification of a Single Component Solvent by Gas Chromatography

Experiment 33 Spectroscopy 1 - FTIR

Experiment 34 Spectroscopy 2 - UV-Visible

Experiment 35 GC Ethyl Quantitation

Subject Categories

BISAC Subject Codes/Headings:
LAW / Forensic Science
SCIENCE / Chemistry / General