Formosa Under the Dutch : Described from Contemporary Records with Explanatory Notes and a Bibliography of the Island book cover
1st Edition

Formosa Under the Dutch
Described from Contemporary Records with Explanatory Notes and a Bibliography of the Island

ISBN 9780429452024
Published October 15, 2019 by Routledge
644 Pages

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Book Description

First published in 1903, this volume explored the history of Formosa (now Taiwan) under Dutch occupation between 1624 and 1661, along with shedding some light on its early history. As missionaries were again at work in Formosa, the author found it useful to understand the fate of the island’s previous Catholic colonisation. Part 1 is composed from the Oud en Niew Oost-Indian by Franҫois Valentyn and covers topography, trade and religion. Part 2 covers Catholic Missions to the Island and sheds some light on the issues they faced related to having no vernacular Bibles and other methods of conversion. This will be of particular interest to students and researchers of Catholic world conversion efforts under the Counter-Reformation, in comparison to similar efforts elsewhere in Asia such as Japan, China and India. Part 3 narrates the events which led up to, and culminated in, the nine months’ siege of Fort Zeelandia which ended the rule of the Dutch East India Company over what is now Taiwan.

Table of Contents

Part 1. General Description of Formosa. 1. Notes on the Topography. 2. Account of the Inhabitants. 3. History of the Dutch Trade. 4. Religion in the Island. Part 2. Notices of Church Work in Formosa. 1. Memorandum from Candidius on the Christianising of Formosa. 2. Letter from Candidius on Hindrances to His Work. 3. Candidius Writes on Church Matters at Sinkan, and on His Desire to Resign. 4. Formosa Council Advises an Attack on Mattau and Bakloan. 5. Governor Putmans Recommends Increase of Salary to Candidius. 6. Chief-Factor Couckebacker Reports on the Departure of Candidius. 7. Formosa Council’s Notes on Parsonage Building at Sinkan and Candidius Serf. 8. Governor Putmans on Operations Against Mattau and Tamsui. 10. Putmans Reports Work Progressing, and Candidius about to Baptize Fifty. 11. Specx on Candidius’ Salary and His Marriage to a Native Woman. 12. Putmans on Candidius’ Discharge, and Proficiency of Junius in the Language. 13. Putmans Reports Progress at Sinkan and Trouble Brewing at Mattau. 14. Putmans on Trouble at Wankan by Takaran, Chief of Mattau. 15. Commander of Fleet Suggests How to Deal with Takaran. 16. Factor Brouwers Advises That the Mattau Enemies Should be Crushed. 17. P. Traudenius Reports Progress at Sinkan and Trouble at Mattau. 18. Governor Putmans Advises Punishment of the Mattau People. 19. Putmans on Educating Formosa Youths in Holland for the Ministry. 20. Putmans on Progress at Sinkan, and Favours the Education of Youths in Holland. 21. Putmans Reports Various Requests from Candidius and Junius. 22. Putmans Reports Arrest of Three Sinkan Men for Conspiring to Murder the Dutch. 23. Putmans Reports Successful Expedition to Tevorang. 24. Tayouan Day-journal on Journey to Pangsoia and Other Places in the South. 25. Junius Gives Long Report of Various Missionary Expeditions. 26. Junius Advocates the Training of Formosa Youths in Holland. 27. Governor van der Burg Gives a Favourable Report of the Work in Formosa. 28. H. Putmans Reports Continued Extension of Christianity. 29. Messrs. Junius and Hogensteyn Make Various Requests About the Work. 30. Governor van der Burg Pays Pleasant Visit to Schools and Churches in Sinkan. 31. Extract from H. Putmans’ Paper to van der Burg on Church Matters. 32. Putmans Commends the Work to Governor-General van Diemen. 33. Formosa Day-Journal on Missionary Visitation of Several Places. 34. Ex-Governor Putmans’ Report on Mission Affairs to the Amsterdam Chamber. 35. Governor van der Burg’s Report About Several Clergymen and Catechists. 36. Tayouan Day-Journal on the Visitation of Churches and Schools. 37. Governor van der Burg’s Report on a Visit to Soulang and Mattau. 38. Governor van der Burg on the Character and Location of Certain Clergymen. 39. Tayouan Account-Book on Various Payments Made by Junius. 40. Receipts for Hunting-Licenses Issued by Mr. Junius. 41. Tayouan Day-Journal on the Governor’s Visitation of the Churches. 42. Van der Burg’s Report on Christian Work to the Governor-General. 43. Commissioner Couckebacker’s Report on State of the Schools and Churches. 44. P. Traudenius on Junius’ Resignation and the Ordination of Merkinius. 45. Junius Reports to Governor-General van Diemen About the Work Generally. 46. Formosa Council Notes the Strangulation of Three Soulangians for Murder. 48. Formosa Council Reports Defection of Old People and Progress Among the Young. 49. Governor Traudenius Instructs President Le Maire as to Church Matters. 50. Zeelandia Minute-Book on Unworthy Schoolmasters, and Messrs. Olhoff and Hendrickz. 51. Formosa Consistory to Amsterdam Classis About Work and Workers. 52. Report of Visit to Several Villages by Deputies C. Caesar and N. de Hooghe. 53. Formosa Council on Church Buildings and Library, and Junius’ Desire to Return. 54. Tayouan Council Appoints Joost van Bergen as Interpreter or Deputy. 55. Zeelandia Minute-Book on Powers of Consistory and Appointment of Office-Bearers. 56. Governor Caron and Council on Location of Workers and Educational Affairs. 57. Formosa Council on van Breen in Favorlang and Olhoff in the South. 58. Verpoorten’s Report on Church Affairs in Formosa. 59. Tayouan Council Requests Clergymen for Tamsui, Kelang, and Kabalan. 60. Note on van Breen levying Certain Fines, and a House of Correction for Bad Women. 61. Tayouan Day-Journal on Punishing a Tapouliangian for Impurity. 62. Formosa Council Commends van Breen for Keeping Watch on the Chinese. 63. Formosa Council’s Reasons for Requesting that an Additional Clergyman Be Sent. 64. Formosa Consistory’s Request to Council About Various Church Matters. 65. Governor Caron Reports on State of the Church to the Batavia Council. 66. Minutes of Council and Consistory on the Preparation of Christian Books. 67. Instructions from Caron as to Witches and Giving Help to the Clergymen. 68. Council Reports Death of Bavius and Appointment of aux Brebis to Office. 69. Day-Journal Reports on Recent Meeting of the Delegates. 70. Council Reports Death of J. Happart and Location of the Clergymen at Work. 71. Tayouan Day-Journal Reports on Condition of the Schools and Churches. 72. Committee of Amsterdam Classis Sends Friendly Greeting to Formosa. 73. Zeelandia Day-Journal Notes News from Various Stations. 74. President Overtwater on Extent of the Work under Mr. Junius. 75. Tayouan Consistory Defends Brethren Against Alleged Attacks by Junius. 76. Consistory Complains of Junius and Orders Supply of Christian Books from Holland. 77. Tayouan Consistory Sends its Defence to the Amsterdam Classis. 78. Minute of Amsterdam Classis on the Charges Against Junius. 79. Amsterdam Classis to Formosa Consistory Exonerating Mr. Junius. 80. Zeelandia Minute on Gravius Selling Cattle, and Kruyf Receiving Tithes. 81. Amsterdam Classis to Formosa Consistory on the Case of Mr. Junius. 82. Formosa Council on Paucity of Workers. Struys’ Note on Tailed Men. 83. Consistory on Method of Instruction, and Mr. Junius’ Alleged Charges. 84. Formosa Council on Resignation of Mssrs. Vertrecht and Gravius, and Mr. Kruyf’s Work. 85. Minute-Book Notes the Sentence on Mr. Gravius in Mr. Snoucq’s Case. 86. Amsterdam Classis Sends Friendly Greetings to Formosa Consistory. 87. Commissioner Versteegen on Movements of Clergymen and the Snoucq Case. 88. Governor Verburg Criticises the Clergymen and Reports Their Movements. 89. Governor Verburg is Pleased That the Clergymen are Freed from All Judicial Work. 90. Formosa Council Notes Quarrel Between Governor Verburg and Rev. D. Gravius. 91. Formosa Council Blames Commissioner Versteegen for Favouring Clergymen. 92. Batavia Council Writes Committee of Seventeen Accusing the Clergymen. 93. Batavia Council Reproves Governor Verburg and Reinstates Mr. Gravius. 94. Decision of Batavia Council Defending Mr. Gravius’ Action. 95. Formosa Council Sends Sentence on Gravius and Proof of His Guilt. 96. Batavia Council Seriously Admonishes Verburg as to Gravius’ Case. 97. Formosa Council Defends the Action of Governor Verburg. 98. Formosa Council Reports Death of Rev. W. Brakel and Blames G. Happart. 99. Formosa Council Reports Death of Mssrs. Tesschemaeker and Gravius. 100. Formosa Council on Increase of Workers, and Leniency Towards the Inibs. 101. Ex-Governor Verburg’s Report on Mission Work in Formosa. 102. Formosa Day-Journal Notes Decisions Affecting Several Clergymen. 103. Formosa Council Reports Work Prosperous in North but Backward in the South. 104. Formosa Council on Location of Clergymen and Catechists. 105. Formosa Council Reports Death of Rev. J. Campius, and Illness of Hambroek. 106. Formosa Council on Houses, Appointments, and Work of Clergymen. 107. Tayouan Church’s Long Note on Establishing Theological School at Mattau. 108. Formosa Council Forwards Request for School of Mattau to Batavia. 109. Formosa Council on Work in South, and Prefers Soulang for Theological School. 110. Formosa Council Issues Proclamation to Punish Idolatry and Other Sins. 111. Formosa Council Reports Death of Rev. G. Vinderus. 112. Council of Seventeen Condemns Proclamation of the Council Against Idolatry. 113. Formosa Council Sends Delegates to Treat with Koxinga. 114. Zeelandia Day-Journal Reports Letter from Koxinga, and Coyett’s Reply. 115. Batavia Council on Movements of Clergymen and Engagement of Hendrickz. 116. Commander Caeuw’s Day’Journal Reports Slaughter of Clergymen. 117. Rev. J. Kruyf’s Letter Describes Loss of Formosa. 118. Catalogue of Books Found in the Church Library at Tayouan. 119. A Prayer Before Divine Service, by Rev. R. Junius. 120. A Sermon by Rev. R. Junius on Psalm 1. 15. 121. First Shorter Catechism, by Rev. R. Junius. 122. A Short Formulary of Christianity, by Rev. R. Junius. 123. A Larger Catechism, by Rev. R. Junius. Part 3. Chinese Conquest of Formosa. 1. Preliminary Events. 2. Arrival and Victory of Koxinga. 3. Authentic Proofs. Appendix. 1. The Spaniards Expelled from Formosa in 1642. 2. Early English Trade at Formosa. 3. Visit of Father de Mailla in 1715, and Note by Abbe Grosier. 4. Benyowsky’s Narrative of 1771. 5. Explanatory Notes.

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