1st Edition

Formula 4.0 for Digital Transformation A Business-Driven Digital Transformation Framework for Industry 4.0

By Venkatesh Upadrista Copyright 2021
    348 Pages 56 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    348 Pages 56 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    348 Pages 56 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    A staggering 70% of digital transformations have failed as per McKinsey. The key reason why enterprises are failing in their digital transformation journey is because there is no standard framework existing in the industry that enterprises can use to transform themselves to digital. There are several books that speak about technologies such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in silos, but none of these provides a holistic view on how enterprises can embark on a digital transformation journey and be successful using a combination of these technologies. FORMULA 4.0 is a methodology that provides clear guidance for enterprises aspiring to transform their traditional operating model to digital. Enterprises can use this framework as a readymade guide and plan their digital transformation journey. This book is intended for all chief executives, software managers, and leaders who intend to successfully lead this digital transformation journey. An enterprise can achieve success in digital transformation only of it can create an IT Platform that will enable them to adopt any new technology seamlessly into existing IT estate; deliver new products and services to the market in shorter durations; make business decisions with IT as an enabler and utilize automation in all its major business and IT processes. Achieving these goals is what defines a digital enterprise -- Formula 4.0 is a methodology for enterprises to achieve these goals and become digital. Essentially, there is no existing framework in the market that provides a step-by-step guide to enterprises on how to embark on their successful digital transformation journey. This book enables such transformations. Overall, the Formula 4.0 is an enterprise digital transformation framework that enables organizations to become truly digital.

    Table of Contents



    Section I: Introduction to Formula 4.0

    Chapter 1: A Generic Industry Perspective on Digital Transformation

    Chapter 2: Business Driven Digital Transformation Framework: Formula 4.0

    Section II : Identifiying Business Processes for Digital Transformation using Systems thinking and Design thinking

    Chapter 3: Business Strategy for Digital Transformation

    Chapter 4: Business Transformation Model and Itelligent Transformation Model

    Section III: Foundation Platform

    Chapter 5: Creating a Foundation Platform with Digital Triplets

    Chapter 6: Cloud Infrastructure

    Chapter 7: SAP Cloud Migration

    Chapter 8: Application Programming Interface (API)

    Section IV: People, Processes and Tools

    Chapter 9: Product Organization

    Chapter 10: Human Resource Management

    Chapter 11: Importance of DecSecOps in a Product Based Organization

    Section V: Data Analytics, Automation, IT-OT Integration and Enterprise Governance

    Chapter 12: Big Data Analytics

    Chapter 13: Automation with RPA and AI-ML

    Chapter 14: IT-OT Integration (IoT)

    Chapter 15: Enterprise Governance

    Section VI: Bringing the Pieces Together

    Chapter 16: The Formula 4.0 Methodology




    Venkatesh Upadrista  is currently leading digital transformation for several clients across UK and Ireland, Benelux and France regions for a large IT Services company. He has been recognized as an exceptional digital talent leader by UK Tech Nation and is recipient of several national and international awards. He is a board advisor to digital start-ups and provides his guidance on technology trends to develop competitive products and service offerings.

    Mr. Upadrista is a thought leader in the digital transformation space. In his career of more than two decades experience, he got an opportunity to consult several Fortune 500 companies on large scale enterprise level digital transformations. Mr. Upadrista has also provided his guidance to several enterprises in areas of Cloud Transformation, IoT & Blockchain implementation, Project to Product Transformation,  and Agile-DevOps set-up, and he used these varied experiences in crafting this book.

    Mr. Upadrista began compiling technical encyclopedias as a high school student. He took the vast collection of experimental facts from various sources and the research that he had been accumulating since several years and began to deploy them throughout his professional experience.

    He is an advisor to a number of digital initiatives in UK and has been a partner to CIOs of several large organizations to help them define ways to improve their business using technology.

    His experience moves across technology and sales leadership. He has worked in a blended mixture of the onsite/offshore model, and through his experience, he has helped many customers move their strategies to gain several qualitative and quantitative benefits.

    Many books have been written about Digital Transformation, but so far nobody has been able to define a real good pragmatic framework for success, until this book is released. In my experience as CIO of large corporations, I can only testify that we need to a holistic framework for digital transformation; we need a clear guide, cookbook for success. This book is a big step forward to such guide. It contains true pragmatic approaches that can be applied very widely. To those who are trying to crack the digital transformation nut, FORMUL 4.0 framework as defined in this book is recipe to sure shot success and is worth your reading time!

    -- Erik Verrijssen, Chief Information Officer, Sanofi


    Over the last several years as the Chief Information Officer for Essar Oil UK and some of the other industries, I have come across many enterprises and individuals who spoke about digital transformation - most of the time it was about technology and less about business drivers. Business demand drives digital transformation and not vice versa - this is the most important point which every industry expert need to understand when they bring digital transformation agenda to their customers. Mr. Upadrista has been spot-on to this concept in the book which he named as "Formula 4.0 for Digital Transformation".  If you are looking for a capability with the breadth and depth of business and technology to make your enterprises successful in digital transformation, there is no better person than Mr. Upadrista and a model than Formula 4.0 to lead you to success.

    -- Raahil Burhaani, Chief Information Officer, Essar Oil (UK) Limited 


    Before reading the book produced by Mr. Venkatesh Upadrista, I was not convinced that a single methodology exists in the market that can guide an enterprise in their digital transformation journey. Mr. Upadrista has since proved me wrong with his unique methodology on digital transformation, which he calls Formula 4.0. Few people are as well qualifies as Mr. Upadrista to help organizations understand and successfully navigate the challenges of digital transformation. My advice to all chief executives who aspire to excel in their business using technology: read this book, study its lessons. Take its advice to heart. There is no better guide than Mr. Venkatesh Upadrista to show the way to digital transformation success.         

    -- Satyanarayana Murthy, Advisor to President, Microsoft


    Venkatesh Upadrista has written a book that outlines the practical approaches that any successful digital transformation will need. Venkat has created a work full of insights, techniques, and practical examples. Taken together, they represent all of the core skills that a leader needs to drive a transformation that is successful, enduring, and joyful. I wish I’d had this book to learn from when I started out as a CIO. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have.

    -- Simon Hollins, Group CIO, Informa PLC (Retired)


    Formula 4.0 is a powerful methodology for enterprises to embark on their digital transformation journey. Mr Venkatesh Upadrista provides a unique way to think about how business and technology need to come together and create value. The book proves to be a great guide for enterprises thriving to reinvent themselves using digital & is a must read for everyone who wants to do business differently using the power of technology.

    -- Julia Sattel, Senior Expert, Travel IT & Advisor for Airlines and Mobility