1st Edition

Forty Plates on Building Construction A Textbook on the Principles and Details of Modern Construction First Stage (Or Elementary Course)

By Charles F. Mitchell Copyright 1891

    Originally published in 1891, this volume was a companion volume to the Elementary and Advanced volumes of Building Construction and Drawing. The exquisite technical drawings give a technical level of detail which is invaluable for the study of late 19th Century construction methods and materials and cover brickwork and masonry, carpentry, joinery, plumbing, roof and iron work.

    1. Footings, Piers Etc 2. English Bond 3. Double Flemish 4. Single Flemish 5. Brick Arches 6. Chimneys 7. Stone Walls 8. Stone Arches 9. Stone Staircase 10. Single Floor 11. Double Floor 12. Fireproof Sections 13. Partitions 14. King Post Roof Truss 15. Queen Post Roof Truss 16. Mansard Roof Truss 17. Joints in Joinery 18. Internal Door and Finishings 19. External Door and Finishings 20. Double Hung Sashes and Cased Frames 21. Casement Sashes and Folding Shutters 22. Bay Window and Lifting Shutters 23. Common Skylight and Details 24. Details of Lantern Light 25. Dog-Legged Staircase with Winders 26. Open Newell Staircase 27. Details 28. Geometrical Staircase 29. Details 30. Plumber’s Details 31. External Work 32. Steeped Flashings to Chimneys 33. Types of Stanchions 34. Types of Stanchions 35. Iron Roof and Details 36. Cast Iron Girder 37. Wrought Iron Girder 38. Residence and Details 39. Illustrating Fire-Resistant Construction, Sanitation, 40. Ventilation, and Hot and Cold Water Supply.


    Charles F. Mitchell