1st Edition

Foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Volume 1 A Technological Puzzle

By Wendell Chun Copyright 2025
    368 Pages 180 Color Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a complicated science that combines philosophy, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, mathematics and logic (logicism), economics, computer science, computability, and software.  Meanwhile, robotics is an engineering field that compliments AI. There can be situations where AI can function without a robot (e.g. Turing Test) and robotics without AI (e.g. teleoperation), but in many cases, each technology requires each other to exhibit a complete system: having “smart” robots and AI being able to control its interactions (i.e., effectors) with its environment. This book provides a complete history of computing, AI and robotics from its early development to state-of-the-art technology, providing a roadmap of these complicated and constantly evolving subjects.


    Divided into two volumes covering the progress of symbolic logic and the explosion in learning/deep learning in natural language and perception, this first volume investigates the coming together of AI (the mind) and robotics (the body), as well as discussing the state of AI today.


    Key Features:


    -          Provides a complete overview of the topic of artificial intelligence, starting with philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, and logicism, and extending to the action of the robots and artificial intelligence needed for a futuristic society

    -          Provides a holistic view of AI without bias, and touches on all the misconceptions and tangents to the technologies through taking a systematic approach.

    -          Provides a glossary of terms, list of notable people and extensive references

    -          Provides the interconnections and history of the progress of technology for over 100 years as both the hardware (Moore’s Law, GPUs) and software, i.e. generative ai, has advanced

    Intended as a complete reference, this book is useful to undergraduate and postgraduate students of computing, as well as the general reader. It also can be used as a textbook by course convenors. If you only had one book on AI and robotics, this set would be the first reference to acquire and learn about the theory and practice.





    About the Author



    1.      AI Background                                                                                        

    2.      Robotics              

    3.       Autonomy

    4.       Artificial Intelligence                               

    5.       Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Robotics              

    6.       Artificial Intelligence: Today

    7.       Epilogue                      

    8.       Glossary of Terms    

    9.       List of Figures                           

    10.   References                  


    Wendell Chun has thirty-plus years designing and building robots with autonomous capability at the former Martin Marietta Space Systems Company.  He is currently a Director in Systems Engineering and Assistant Professor at the University of Denver.  Professor Chun bridges industry, academia, and government in the areas of robotics and artificial intelligence, serving as a consultant, subject matter expert, and reviewer in this field since the early 1980’s.