1st Edition

Foundations of Vibroacoustics

By Colin Hansen Copyright 2018
    376 Pages 98 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    376 Pages 98 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This text provides the foundation material for solving problems in vibroacoustics. These include the prediction of structural vibration levels and sound pressure levels in enclosed spaces resulting from known force or acoustic pressure excitations and the prediction of sound levels radiated by vibrating structures. The book also provides an excellent theoretical basis for understanding the processes involved in software that predicts structural vibration levels and structural sound radiation resulting from force excitation of the structure, as well as sound levels in enclosed spaces resulting from vibration of part of the enclosing structure or resulting from acoustic sources within the enclosure.

    The book is written in an easy to understand style with detailed explanations of important concepts. It begins with fundamental concepts in vibroacoustics and provides a framework for problem solution in both low and high frequency ranges. It forms a primer for students, and for those already well versed in vibroacoustics, the book provides an extremely useful reference. It offers a unified treatment of both acoustics and vibration fundamentals to provide a basis for solving problems involving structural vibration, sound radiation from vibrating structures, sound in enclosed spaces, and propagation of sound and vibration.

    Acoustics Fundamentals. Structural Mechanics Fundamentals. Sound Propagation Fundamentals. Impedance and Intensity. Modal Analysis. Statistical Energy Analysis. Spectral analysis. Appendix A Linear Algebra. Appendix B Properties of Materials.


    Colin Hansen began his career as a full-time consultant in noise and vibration control, before moving to University of Adelaide where he is now emeritus professor. He is past president of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration. His books include Engineering Noise Control (now in its 5th Edition), Active Control of Noise and Vibration, Noise Control from Concept to Application and Understanding Active Noise Cancellation, all published by Taylor & Francis.

    "...provides the reader with a deep understanding of the physics of vibrations, sound radiation and sound propagation in structures."

    -- Jens Holger Rindel, Multiconsult, Norway

    "...gives great background and context for the development of the statistical energy method. The basic idea is explained thoroughly conceptually before it is developed mathematically... There is a good amount of detail without being burdensome. The author also explains some practical suggestions on how to simplify the problem and determine when the models are detailed "enough"... If you want a book to help you set up and solve practical problems in acoustics, vibration and noise control, then this is for you."

    -- Dr. Ralph T. Muehleisen, Illinois Institute of Technology

    "...gathers in a single book important and essential well known fundamental acoustic and mechanical concepts together with common acoustical and structural measurement principles to solve vibroacoustics problems at low and high frequencies."

    -- Franck Sgard, IRSST, Canada