1st Edition

Fractal Reviews in the Natural and Applied Sciences

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ISBN 9780412710209
Published August 1, 1995 by Chapman and Hall/CRC
392 Pages

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Book Description

This book contains state of the art contributions to this rapidly growing research area. It will be of essential value to mathematicians, physicists and engineers working in the fields of fractals and related phenomena and to researchers working in medicine and the life sciences.

Table of Contents

Statistical properties of DNA sequences
Scale relativeity: many particle Schodinger equation
A theory for the morphology of Iaplacian growth via statistics of equivalent many-body systems
Fractal properties and scaling exponents of the Barkhausen effect
Fractal properties of relaxation clusters and phase transition in a stochastic sandpile automaton
Some experimental results in viscous fingering
Object identification in greyscale imagery using fractal dimension
A graphic tool to determine the period of an antenna component of the Mandelbrot set
IFS based on 3D self-similar contraction mapping and modeling trees and coral
Absorption equilibria in microporous materials: the role of fractality and of energetic heterogeneity
Absorption spectra and photomodification of silver fractal clusters
Similarity in the problem of discrete contact between fractal surfaces
Fractal surfaces as self organization of microfractures
Study of fractal properties in Lichtenberg figures
Analysis of an image of the human brain obtained by positron emission tomography in terms of fractal geometry
Qualitative analysis of human blood diseases using fractals
Tumour shape and local connected fractal dimension analysis in oral cancer and pre-cancer
Fractal growth of bacterial colonies
Stochastic L-system applied to the calculation of the leaf area of a shrubby legume for forage
The use of the fractral dimension in images for plant recognition
Chemically-controlled reaction kinetics on fractals: application to proton exchange in proteins
Application of the Lattice Boltzmann equation to transport and hydrodynamic phenomena in fractal and disordered media
Multifractality of giant electric field fluctuations in semicontinuous films
Fractal geometry of quantum paths and the fractal Wilson loop
The 'smoothing dimensions' - a new fractal analysis method
The temperature dependence of nanocluster interface morphology: a Monte-Carlo study
Transition processes on noise-induced fractal sets
Temporal scaling regions and capacity dimensions for microearthquake swarms in Greece
Some remarks on phase transitions and their dissappearance in the description of multifractal sets
Scale invariance in long-term time series
A classification of writings based on fractal behaviour
The solution to the inverse fractal problem with the help of wavelet decomposition
Variogram and wavelet analysis of a cloud field advected by a baroclinic flow
Interface roughening in magnetic systems with quenched disorder
Flaring - a new type of dynamical behaviour

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