2nd Edition

Frame-By-Frame Stop Motion The Guide to Non-Puppet Photographic Animation Techniques, Second Edition

By Tom Gasek Copyright 2017
    267 Pages
    by CRC Press

    268 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Single frame film-making has been around as long as film itself. It is the ancestor to modern day special effects and animation. Despite its age-old practice, Single frame film making and stop-motion animation continues to influence media and culture with its magic. Current advances in technology and classic stop motion techniques, such as pixilation, time-lapse photography and down shooting have combined to form exciting new approaches. Tom Gasek’s Frame-By-Frame Stop Motion offers hands-on experience and various tricks, tips, and exercises to help strengthen skills and produce effective results. Interviews from experts in the field offer not only offer inspiration but also help readers learn how to apply skills and new applications. The companion website offers further instruction, recommended films, tools and resources for the both the novice and the expert.


    Key Features

  • Features interviews with industry experts that offer inspiration and insight as well as detailed explanations of the inner workings of non-traditional stop motion techniques, processes, and workflows
  • Applies professional stop motion techniques that have been taught and refined in the classroom and applied to leading stop motion films, exhibiting at South By Southwest, Cannes, and more
  • Explores the stop motion opportunities beyond model rigs and puppetry. Re-visualizes stop motion character movements, build downshooter rigs, and configures digital workflows with After Effect tutorials while creating dynamic, creative and inspired stop motion films
  • Offers new coverage of smart phones and their application in stop motion
  • Covers motion control, Dragon Frame, evolution of timelapse, expanded light painting, DSLR cameras, and more
  • Chapter 1: What are the Possibilities ?

    Chapter 2: Shooting Frame by Frame

    Chapter 3: Pixilation

    Chapter 4: Time Lapse

    Chapter 5: Cinematography, Lighting and Composition 

    Chapter 6: Objects, People & Places

    Chapter 7: The Multiplane Down-shooter

    Chapter 8: Collage (The Digital Advantage)

    Chapter 9: Visual Rhythm

    Chapter 10: A Sense of Drama

    Chapter 11: Massaging Frames in the Edit

    Chapter 12: Off to the Market



    Tom Gasek