1st Edition

Framing Religion in the News A Special Issue of the journal of Media and Religion

Edited By Daniel A. Stout, Judith M. Buddenbaum Copyright 2003

    This special issue of the Journal of Media and Religion looks at how religion is framed when it is thrust into the public realm through mediated coverage of a particular event. The first article examines how the public debate about teaching evolution was framed by the press in Tennessee. The next article discusses framing of news stories about Mormons during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. The final article applies Silk's unsecular media hypothesis to coverage of the Jesse Jackson infidelity scandal. Each of these articles uncovers new issues and insights about the framing of religion news. The editors hope that they will become important points of departure for theorization on this important topic. Future research will benefit from the analyses presented by these authors.

    Volume 2, Number 1, 2003. Contents: D.A. Stout, J.M. Buddenbaum, Editor's Introduction: Media, Religion, and "Framing." ARTICLES: C.A. McCune, Framing Reality: Shaping the News Coverage of the 1996 Tennessee Debate on Teaching Evolution. C.H. Chen, "Molympics?" Journalistic Discourse of Mormons in Relation to the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. R.C. Moore, Religion and Topoi in the News: An Analysis of the "Unsecular Media" Hypothesis. BOOK REVIEW: D.A. Stout, Traces of the Spirit: The Religious Dimensions of Popular Music by Robyn Sylvan.


    Daniel A. Stout and Judith M. Buddenbaum