1st Edition

Freedom of Religion, Security and the Law Key Challenges for a Pluralistic Society

Edited By Natascia Marchei, Daniela Milani Copyright 2024

    This collection addresses many of the issues arising from the management of religious and cultural diversity in a multicultural society and refers to the complex relationship between the right to religious freedom and security. In recent decades, and particularly since September 2001, the right to religious freedom, which has hitherto been widely protected, has come up against a significant challenge in terms of security, or rather, in the subjectively and publicly perceived feelings of security. This book collects original theoretical, legal and comparative contributions addressing several implications for the right to freedom of religion or belief through the lens of security. It offers a new key to understanding how to manage the processes of integration of religious diversity in multifaith societies. Written by leading experts in the area, the work reveals the importance of avoiding simplistic conclusions and unfounded prejudices about religious freedom, and of limiting restrictive or repressive interventions to situations of genuine danger. The book will be an essential resource for researchers, academics and policy-makers working in the areas of Law and Religion, Human Rights Law and Security Studies.

    Preface, Natascia Marchei and Daniela Milani
    Introduction: Freedom of Religion or Belief, and Security: the OSCE/ODIHR Guidelines, Silvio Ferrari
    Part I: Freedom of Religion and Security: Case Studies
    1. The right to religious freedom in Israel: A resource or a condemnation? Myriam Lucia Di Marco
    2. Freedom of Religion and Insecurity in Turkey, Sibel İnceoğlu
    3. Defining the Enemy. Egyptian President Al-Sisi and the Restoration of Security, Laure Guirguis
    Part II: Freedom of Religion and Security in Italy
    4. Places of Worship, Security and the Public Space in the Case Law of the Italian Constitutional Court, Natascia Marchei
    5. The Specifics of the Concept of Radicalisation: A Meaningful Legal Definition, Alessandro Negri
    6. "The Right to Try to Convince One’s Neighbour": Between the Protection of Freedom and the Fight against Religious Radicalism, Jlia Pasquali Cerioli
    7. Freedom of Religion, Security and Penal Institutions, Daniela Milani
    8. Islam, Security and Immigration in Italy: Administrative Measures, Alessandro Ceserani
    Part III: Islam and Integration in Italy: From Religious to Secular Perspectives
    9. Islam: Sources, Principles and Fundamentals, Antonio Cuciniello
    10. Human Rights and Islam, Cristiana Cianitto
    11. Democracy and Islam in the Italian Secular State, Francesco Alicino
    12. Islam as a Religious Faith, or Brief Reflections on the Status of Islam in Italy, Antonio Angelucci
    13. Conclusion: Interaction and Prevention in the Mediterranean Basin. Final Considerations of the Project, Roberto Mazzola


    Natascia Marchei is Full Professor of Law and Religion at the University of Milano-Bicocc, Italy.

    Daniela Milani is Full Professor of Canon Law at the University of Milan, Italy.