1st Edition

From Revolution to Revolution England 1688–1776

By John Carswell Copyright 1973

    From Revolution to Revolution (1973) examines England, Scotland and Wales from the revolution of 1688 when William became King, to the American Revolution of 1776. In this period lies the roots of modern Britain, as it went from being underdeveloped countries on the fringe of European civilization to a predominating influence in the world. This book examines the union of the island, development of an organized public opinion and national consciousness, as well as Parliament and its factions, the landed and business classes. Views on religion, art, architecture and the changing face of the countryside are also examined, as is the tension between London and the rest of the island. The important issues of colonial expansions in Ireland, America, India and Africa are also analysed.

    1. Post-Revolutionary England  2. Commercial and Political Growth  3. War, Science and Party Politics  4. Church, Queen and the Union with Scotland  5. The Augustan World  6. The Advent of the Georges  7. ‘All Those Men Have Their Price’  8. The Growth of British National Consciousness  9. ‘God Made These Good Things For Us’  10. The Rise of Efficiency and the Hardening of Class  11. The Beginnings of Change  12. ‘Present Discontents’  13. Britain on the Eve of the American Revolution


    John Carswell