1st Edition

Front Vowels, Coronal Consonants and Their Interaction in Nonlinear Phonology

By Elizabeth V. Hume Copyright 1994

    First Published in 1994. Part of the Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics set, this title is divided into three main goals. The first is to provide evidence for the natural class of sounds comprised of front vowels, front glides and coronal consonants. The second is to show that a revised definition of the articulator feature properly characterises this natural class of sounds. The third goal is to provide a formal representation of front vowels and coronal consonants and their interaction within a nonlinear model of feature organisation. This title assumes a general knowledge of phonological theory.

    PART I, I. INTRODUCTION, 1. Purposes of this Work, 2. Background Assumptions, 3. Organization of this Study, II. PHONETIC CORRELATES OF [CORONAL], 0. Introduction, 1. Topology of the Tongue, 2. Articulatory Description of [Coronal], 3. The Coronality of Front Vowels, 4. Acoustic Properties of Coronal Sounds, 5. Summary, III. THE FEATURE SPECIFICATION OF CORONALS, 0. Introduction, 1. Front Vocoids, 2. Coronal Consonants, 3. Coronal Sonorant Consonants, 4. Summary, IV. THE NONLINEAR ORGANIZATION OF CONSONANT AND VOWEL FEATURES, 0. Introduction, 1. Incorporating [coronal] into a Nonlinear Model of Feature Organization, 2. Feature Theory, 3. Feature Organization, 4. Spreading Constraints, 5. Cooccurrence Constraints and Dissimilation, 6. Root Adjacency as a Necessary Condition on Consonant/Vowel Interaction?, 7. Resolving an Ordering Paradox, V. CONSONANT-TO-FRONT VOWEL ASSIMILATION, 0. Introduction, 1. Acadian French, 2. Front Vowels as [-back], 3. Cross-plane Interaction, 4. Palatalization, 5. Coronalization, 6. Summary, 7. [Continuant] and [Strident], 8. The Apparent Dorsality of Front Vowels, PART II, VI. MALTESE ARABIC: A CASE STUDY, 0. Introduction, 1. Preliminaries, 2. Laying out the Problems, 3. Typical Formation of the Imperfective, First Measure Triliteral Verb, 4. Underlying Vocalism of the Stem, 5. Plural Imperfectives: Description, 6. Metathesis, 7. The Realization of the Imperfective Prefix Vowel, 8. A Nonlinear Account of Metathesis, 9. Further Implications, VII. CORONAL VOWEL AND CONSONANTS PARALLELISMS IN MALTESE ARABIC, 0. Introduction, 1. The Realization of the Imperfective Prefix Vowel before Stem-initial Coronal Obstruents, 2. Consonant Coronal Assimilation, 3. Coronal Vowel/Consonant Parallelisms, 4. Conclusion, VIII. Conclusion, References, Index


    Hume, Elizabeth V.