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Frontiers in Biomedical Polymer Applications, Volume I

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ISBN 9781566765770
Published January 14, 1998 by CRC Press
317 Pages

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Book Description

The use of polymers in medicine has become a reality over the last 10 years. Scientists have been attempting to develop biomimetic materials to substitute for flawed or damaged natural systems. This new book presents the most up-to-date developments in the use of synthetic polymers as biomaterials.
Frontiers in Biomedical Polymer Applications is a compilation of the papers presented at the first International Meeting on the Frontiers of Medical Applications of Polymers. Held in St. Margarite, Italy, participants from countries throughout the world came to present their findings and to discuss future directions in this rapidly growing field. The text contains all 24 of the presentations and is well-illustrated with over 200 figures, tables, formulas and schemes.
Frontiers in Biomedical Polymer Applications is required reading for anyone interested in the current developments in polymers as bioapplications, as well as implant materials, polymeric drugs and drug delivery systems. Keep pace with the latest developments in biomedical polymer applications.

Table of Contents

Surface Modification of Colloidal Drug Carriers (Martin Malmsten)
Hybrid Polymeric Hydrogels for the Controlled Release of Protein Drugs: DSC Investigation of Water Structure (E. E. Chiellini, D. Giannasi, R. Solaro, E. Chiellini and E. Grillo Fernandes)
Degradable Polyphosphazenes for Biomedical Applications (Etienne Schacht, Joke Vandorpe, Yahia Lemmouchi, Stéphane Dejardin and Leonard Seymour)
Reorganization of Fibronectin by Fibroblasts and Signaling via Integrins Are Related to the Biocompatibility of Materials (Thomas Groth and Georgi Altankov)
Self-Assemblies as Drug Delivery Systems (Mamoru Haratake, Ruifeng Zhao, Jun Liao and Raphael M. Ottenbrite)
Effective Reconstitution of Cell Membrane Proteins into Liposome (Junzo Sunamoto)
Characterization of Vesicles for Vascular Cell Targeting: Influence of Dextran Coating (Maud Seras-Cansell, Hamid Sahli, Vincent Dubois, Didier Letourneur and Jacqueline Jozefonvicz)
Intelligent Polymer Systems for Molecular Separation and Controlled Delivery of Drugs (Mario Casolaro)
Cytocompability of a Polyelectrolyte Complex and of Its Thermal Condensation Products (R. Sbarbati-Delguerra, G. D. Guerra, M. Tricoli, P. Cerrai and S. Maltini)
Inclusion Complexes of Antihypertensive Drugs with New Modified ?-Cyclodextrins (M. C. Breschi, E. Chiellini, F. Morganti and R. Solaro)
Poly(Ether-Amidoamines) versus Polyamidoamines: Chemico-Physical Characterization and Cytotoxicity (M. C. Tanzi, P. Petrini, M. Moscatelli and G. Garlaschelli)
Different Sulfation Degree of Hyaluronic Acid as Heparin-Like Molecule: Physico-Chemical Characterization and Biological Performance (Rolando Barbucci, Filippo Venturi and Antonietta Albanese)
Complexes of Copper(II) with Glycosaminoglycans and Their Biological Activity (Agnese Magnani, Stefania Lamponi and Rolando Barbucci)
Synthesis of Bioabsorbable Polyester, Polydepsipeptide with Function-alized Side-Chain Groups, and Their Utilization as Drug Carriers (Tatsuro Ouchi)
Affinity-Binding of Cells to Sephadex Derivatized with Peptides and Proteins (G. A. J. Besselink, T. Beugeling and A. Banties)
Polymeric Membranes for Hybrid Liver Support Devices: The Effect of Membrane Morphology on Hepatocyte Viability and Functions (C. Catapno, M. C. Di Lorenzo, L. De Bartolo, C. Della Volpe, C. Migliaresi and F. Menichini)
Immobilization of Plasminogen onto Polyurethane Surfaces (W. Marconi, A. Piozzi and D. Romoli)
Comparative Evaluation of PMMA Intraocular Lenses (C. Della Volpe, L. Fambri, C. Migliaresi and M. De Concini)
Impact Behavior of UHMWPE/HA Composites for Orthopedic Prostheses (R. L. Reis, P. L. Granja and A. M. Cunha)
Determination and Influence of Residual Metals in Poly (L-Lactide) (D. Cam, M. Marucci, M. Fadel and P. Goberti)
Contribution of New Partially Biodegradable Composites to the Design of Reinforced Resorbable Implants for Surgery (Julio San Román, Pedro Guillén and Antonio López Bravo)
Effect of Crystallization Temperature on the Structure of Amorphous Domain of Poly-L-Lactide (S. Iannace, L. Ambrosio and L. Nicolais)
Poly(D,L-Lactide-CO-?-Caprolactone): Synthesis and Characterization (S. Aslan, L. Fambri, A. Guerriero and C. Migliaresi)
Multi-Step Surface Tailoring of Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate) (D. Cohn and T. Stern)

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