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Frontiers in Biomedical Polymer Applications, Volume II

ISBN 9781566767149
Published January 5, 1999 by CRC Press
238 Pages

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Book Description

The use of polymers in medicine has become a reality over the last 10 years. Scientists have been attempting to develop biomimetic materials to substitute for flawed or damaged natural systems. This new book presents the most up-to-date developments in the use of synthetic polymers as biomaterials Frontiers in Biomedical Polymer Applications is a compilation of the papers presented at the first International Meeting on the Frontiers of Medical Applications of Polymers. Held in St. Margarite, Italy, participants from countries throughout the world came to present their findings and to discuss future directions in this rapidly growing field. The text contains all 24 of the presentations and is well-illustrated with over 200 figures, tables, formulas and schemes.

Table of Contents

Polymers in Gene Therapy
(Abraham J. Domb and Menashe Y. Levy)
Stimuli-Responsive Polymers Grafted onto Polyacrylic Acid and Chitosan Backbones as Bioadhesive Carriers for Mucosal Drug Delivery
(Allan S. Hoffman, Gouhua Chen, Xiangdong Wu, Zhongli Ding, James E. Matsuura and Wayne R. Gombotz)
Modeling of the 3D Structure of IFN-a-k, Characterization of Its Surface Molecular Properties and Preliminary Evaluation of Its Interactions with b-Cyclodextrin Derivatives
(Emo Chiellini, Elisabetta E. Chiellini, Federica Chiellini, Roberto Solaro, Jacopo Tomasi, Vladimir Frecer and Stanislaw Miertus)
Interaction of Oligopeptides with Macromolecular Drugs
(Ruifeng Zhao, Mamoru Haratake, Jun Liao and Raphael M. Ottenbrite)
Transport Phenomena in Moderately Hydrophilic Polymers: Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)
(A. L. Iordanskii, A. V. Krivandin, O.V. Startzev, P. P. Kamaev and U. J. Hänggi)
Block Copolymers of L-Lactide and Poly(ethylene glycol) as Potential Drug-Releasing Materials: A Preliminary Investigation
(P. Cerrai, G. D. Guerra, M. Tricoli, C. Cristallini and S. Maltini)
Crosslinking Guar with Glutaraldehyde: A New Method of Preparing Hydrogels for Colon-Specific Drug Delivery
(Irit Gliko-Kabir, Boris Yagen, Abraham Rubinstein and Adel Penhasi)
Enhanced Radiation Sensitivity of Rat UMR 106 Osteogenic Sarcoma Tumors by PEGylated Bovine Hemoglobin
(Robert G. L. Shorr, Rita Linberg, Katherine Fitzpatrick, Mary Nucci and Kwang Nho)
Heparin Encapsulated in Liposomes Inhibits Smooth Muscle Cell Growth in Vitro
(Maud Cansell, Claire Parisel, Jacqueline Jozefonvicz and Didier Letourneur)
The Influence of Semisynthetic Heparin-Like Molecules with Regioselective Varied Sulfate Groups Covalently Immobilized on Polymer Surfaces on Thrombocyte Adhesion
(B. Huppertz, H. Baumann and R. Keller)
The Influence of Functional Groups on Semisynthetic Heparin-Like Molecules on Binding to Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF165)
(H. Baumann, B. Huppertz, R. Sharon, S. Tessler and G. Neufeld)
Surface Modified Bioresorbable Polymers for Blood Contact: Study of Haemocompatibility
(H. Thelen, H. Bienert, R. Engisch, H. Thissen, D. Klee, H. Höcker, K. Hoffmeister, J. Vom Dahl and P. Hanrath)
Development of Microvascular Artificial Platelet Inert Blood Vessels, Basic Principles and Animal Experiments
(H. Bauman, R. Keller and U. Baumann)
Dynamic Compliance Measurements of Synthetic Biodegradable Grafts and Natural Blood Vessels
(G. Hellener, D. Cohn and G. Marom)
Influence of Residual Monomers and Metals on Poly D,L-(Lactide) Thermal Stability
(D. Cam, B. Bracci and M. Marucci)
Cellulose Phosphates as Biomaterials
(Pedro L. Granja, Mário A. Barbosa, Laurent Pouységu, Bernard de Jéso and Charles Baquey)
Partially Absorbable Composites for Internal Bone Fracture Fixation
(L. Fambri, R. Fenner and C. Migliaresi)

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