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    by CRC Press

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    This fascinating work provides state-of-the-art information on phenolic compounds in fruits. Written in a concise format, it covers qualitative aspects by demonstrating the diversity of phenolic features in the major fruits of economic importance. It extensively covers the role played by phenolic compounds in the quality of fruits, with regard to organoleptic characteristics and also as a parameter involved in enzymatic browning and other modifications which take place during fruit processing. This easy-to-read resource particularly emphasizes beverages made from fruits and the use of phenolic compounds in the detection of adulteration. This reference is indispensable to researchers in fundamental fields (plant physiologists, phytochemists, biochemists) as well as engineers and technologists working on practical applications in fruits.

    1. The Main Phenolic of Fruit 2. Phenolic Composition of Individual Fruits 3. Changes and Metabolism of Phenolic Compounds in Fruits 4. Importance and Roles of Phenolic Compounds in Fruits 5. Phenolic Compounds in Fruit Processing 6. Conclusion


    Jean-Jacques Macheix