Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals for Human Health : Advancements in Natural Wellness and Disease Prevention book cover
1st Edition

Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals for Human Health
Advancements in Natural Wellness and Disease Prevention

ISBN 9781003097358
Published December 15, 2021 by Apple Academic Press
408 Pages 13 Color & 30 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This new volume provides important information on potential applications and new developments in functional health foods and nutraceuticals. It looks at the health-promoting properties in functional foods and beverages as well as nutraceuticals. Some health issues that are considered in conjunction with these foods and nutraceuticals include oxidative stress, obesity, pharyngitis, low cognitive concentration, among others. Research topics include the antioxidant properties of certain products, the development of functional and medicinal beverages, nutraceuticals and functional foods for alternative therapies, and more.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Health-Promoting Properties in Functional Foods and Beverages 
1. Anxiolytic and Concentration-Stimulating Properties of Valeriana and Passiflora: Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Activity 
Daniela Ibarra-Flores, Gabriela Perez-Sanchez, Liz Elena Rodriguez-Romo, Anayelli Demeneghi-Rivero, Víctor Olvera-García, Paola I. Angulo-Bejarano, Victor Manuel Rodriguez-García, and Anaberta Cardador-Martinez 
2. Tremella fuciformis and Its Polysaccharides as an Alternative Therapy Against Oxidative Stress 
Rubén F. González-Laredo, Angelica Valdez-Villarreal, Nuria Elizabeth Rocha-Guzmán, Martha Rocío Moreno-Jiménez, and José Alberto Gallegos-Infante 
3. Natural Extracts and Compounds as Inhibitors of Amylase for Diabetes Treatment and Prevention 
Cynthia Selene Vasquez-Ramos, Melany Guadalupe Garcia-Moreno, Daniel García-García, Gloria Alicia Martínez-Medina, Sujey Abigail Niño-Herrera, Hugo Luna-García, Sandra Paciós-Michelena, Anna Ilyina, E. Patricia Segura-Ceniceros, Mónica L. Chávez- González, Mayela Govea-Salas, José L. Martínez-Hernández, S. Yesenia Silva -Belmares, Radik A. Zaynullin, Raikhana V. Kunakova, Rodolfo Ramos-González, and Roberto Arredondo-Valdés 
4. The Implication of Rambutan, Ginseng, and Green Tea in Energy Drinks Through Their Genetic Characterization, Total Phenolics, and Antioxidant Activity 
Axel Flores-Cuéllar, Octavio Torres-Hernández, Miriam Vázquez-Segoviano, Paola Isabel Angulo-Bejarano, and Víctor Olvera-García 
5. Innovation and Challenges in the Development of Functional and Medicinal Beverages 
Dayang Norulfairuz Abang Zaidel, Ida Idayu Muhamad, Zanariah Hashim, Yanti Maslina Mohd Jusoh, and Eraricar Salleh 
Part 2: Nutraceuticals 
6. Herbal Antiobesity Products and Their Function in the Gut-Brain Axis 
Nuria-Elizabeth Rocha-Guzmán,Paola Flores-Rodríguez,Guadalupe Montiel-Ramírez,Martha-Rocío Moreno-Jiménez,José Alberto Gallegos-Infante,Rubén-Francisco González-Laredo, and Carlos-Alonso Salas-Ramírez 
7. Plants as a Potential Source of Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors for Nutraceutical Therapy Disease Management 
Yesenia Estrada-Nieto, Daniel García-García, Alejandra I. Vargas-Segura, Roberto Arredondo-Valdés, Radik A. Zaynullin, Raikhana V. Kunakova, Mónica Chávez-González, Rodolfo Ramos-González, José L. Martínez–Hernández, Mayela Govea-Salas, Anna Ilyina, and E. Patricia Segura-Ceniceros 
8. Characterization of Heliopsis longipes and the Potential of Its Ethanolic Extract as an Adjuvant in the Treatment of Pharyngitis 
Mariela Correa-Delgado, Víctor Manuel Orozco-González, Ana Paola Aldama-Núñez, Víctor Olvera-García, and Víctor Manuel Rodríguez-García 
9. Antidiabetic Natural Products: Mechanisms of Action 
Erick P. Gutiérrez-Grijalva, Laura A. Contreras-Angulo, Marilyn S. Criollo-Mendoza, Sara Avilés-Gaxiola, and J. Basilio Heredia 
10. Ent-Kaurenes: Natural Agents with Potential for the Pharmaceutical Industry 
Carlos Camacho-González, Francisco Fabián Razura-Carmona , Mayra Herrera-Martínez, Efigenia Montalvo-González, Sonia Sáyago-Ayerdi, and Jorge Alberto Sánchez-Burgos 
11. Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant, and Antitumoral Potential of Plants of the Asteraceae Family 
Miguel Ángel Alfaro-Jiménez, Alejandro Zugasti-Cruz, Sonia Yesenia Silva-Belmares , Juan Alberto Ascacio-Valdés, and Crystel Aleyvick Sierra-Rivera 

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Cristóbal Noé Aguilar, PhD, is Director of Research and Postgraduate Programs at the Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila, Mexico. Dr. Aguilar has published more than 160 papers in indexed journals, more than 40 articles in Mexican journals, and 250 contributions in scientific meetings. He has also published many book chapters, several Mexican books, four editions of international books, and more. He has been awarded several prizes and awards, the most important of which are the National Prize of Research 2010 from the Mexican Academy of Sciences; the Prize “Carlos Casas Campillo 2008” from the Mexican Society of Biotechnology and Bioenegineering; National Prize AgroBio–2005; and the Mexican Prize in Food Science and Technology. Dr. Aguilar is a member of the Mexican Academy of Science, the International Bioprocessing Association, Mexican Academy of Sciences, Mexican Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering, and the Mexican Association for Food Science and Biotechnology. He has developed more than 21 research projects, including six international exchange projects.
A. K. Haghi, PhD, is the author and editor of over 200 books, as well as 1000 published papers in various journals and conference proceedings. Dr. Haghi has received several grants, consulted for a number of major corporations, and is a frequent speaker to national and international audiences. Since 1983, he served as professor at several universities. He is the former Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Chemoinformatics and Chemical Engineering and Polymers Research Journal and is on the editorial boards of many international journals. He is also a member of the Canadian Research and Development Center of Sciences and Cultures.