1st Edition

Fundamentals and Assessment Tools for Occupational Ergonomics

    1024 Pages
    by CRC Press

    1024 Pages 302 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Completely revised and updated, taking the scientific rigor to a whole new level, the second edition of the Occupational Ergonomics Handbook is now available in two volumes. This new organization demonstrates the enormous amount of advances that have occurred in the field since the publication of the first edition. The second edition not only provides more information but makes it more accessible. Each volume narrows the focus while broadening the coverage, supplying immediate access to important information. One of the most comprehensive sources for ergonomic knowledge available, written by leading experts, providing both sound theory and practical examples, this book is a valuable resource for anyone in the field.

    Fundamental and Assessment Tools for Occupational Ergonomics merges the frontiers of ergonomics, workplace design, and management issues. The editors have brought together researchers from disciplines such as biomechanics, anthropometry, and cognitive science with pioneering practitioners in industry. They discuss tools of the trade, upper extremity analysis, backs, interventions, management issues, design for ergonomics, principles of product design, band-aid approaches, processing, distribution centers, and service systems. The handbook is a compendium of information authored by top-flight investigators who represent the cutting edge of opinion, research, and interest in the field.

    Background. Basic Principles Behind Ergonomic Logic. Tools of the Trade. Upper Extremity Analysis. Backs. Interventions.


    William S. Marras, Ph.D, CPE is Professor of Neurological Surgery, Orthopaedics, Integrated Systems Engineering at the Spine Research Institute, The Ohio State University.