1st Edition

Fundamentals of Business Marketing Education
A Guide for University-Level Faculty and Policymakers

ISBN 9780789001320
Published January 8, 2004 by Routledge
318 Pages

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Book Description

Make the most of your ability to teach business-to-business marketing!

Fundamentals of Business Marketing Education: A Guide for University-Level Faculty and Policymakers examines the essential issues of teaching business-to-business marketing courses at all four university levels. An international network of educators and practitioners addresses the real concerns you have about developing a curriculum and formulating policy, taking into account the social and economic considerations you face in dealing with practical, methodological, and theoretical business marketing issues. Combining scholarly analysis with practical presentation and style, the book is the comprehensive reference you need to make sure your students have a thorough understanding of the interactive circle that connects instruction, research, and the corporate business world.

Fundamentals of Business Marketing Education presents original papers that address the pedagogic and content issues you face at each level of university instruction—doctoral studies, executive education, graduate, and undergraduate studies. Each section is accompanied by scholarly commentary for added perspective, helping you to form your own style of course implementation. The book also includes a comparative review of business marketing textbooks, examining the nuts and bolts of writing for university-level instruction—content, style, textbook features, and the “street smarts” needed to deal with publishers.

Topics addressed in Fundamentals of Business Marketing Education include:

  • the status of and prospects for doctoral programs in business-to-business marketing
  • making business marketing more prominent in master’s programs
  • linking content to practice in undergraduate business marketing courses
  • the impact of alternative technologies on delivering business-to-business marketing education
  • teaching business marketing in the 21st century
  • a comparative review of business marketing textbooks
  • and much more!
Fundamentals of Business Marketing Education: A Guide for University-Level Faculty and Policymakers is an essential resource for educators working to confirm the importance of business education and its contribution to society. Anyone who teaches marketing—from full professor to occasional adjunct—will find this book invaluable for making the most of your ability to teach business-to-business marketing.

Table of Contents

  • About the Editor
  • Contributors
  • Series Preface
  • Introduction. Business-to-Business Marketing Education in the Twenty-First Century
  • The Impetus for This Topic
  • Purpose and Content
  • Closing Remarks
  • Doctoral Programs in Business-to-Business Marketing: Status and Prospects
  • Introduction
  • PhD In Business: A Look Back
  • Data Collection
  • Analysis
  • Program Characteristic Differences
  • Admission Criteria
  • Courses and Tracks
  • Relevance and Preparation for Teaching
  • Character of Programs with Emphasis in Business-to-Business
  • Deficiencies in Faculty Applicants in Business-to-Business
  • Placements
  • Discussion
  • For Business Schools
  • School Recommendation 1: Recruit Actively and Nontraditionally
  • School Recommendation 2: Internships, Sabbaticals, and Postdocs
  • School Recommendation 3: Rethink Reward Systems
  • For Prospective PhDs (and Recent Graduates)
  • Candidate Recommendation 1: Partner Early and Often
  • Candidate Recommendation 2: Focus on Real Problems
  • Candidate Recommendation 3: Consider Industry Employment
  • Conclusions
  • Challenges for Business-to-Business Doctoral Programs: A Commentary
  • Topics Addressed: Doctoral Research, Its Impact, About Applied Research
  • A Program of Action for Business-to-Business Doctoral Programs: A Reply to Commentary
  • Topics Addressed: Business Marketing Context, Rigor versus Relevance, Academic Reward Systems
  • The Pedagogy of Executive Education in Business Markets
  • Introduction
  • Emergence of a Conceptual Structure in Business Marketing Education
  • Toward a Contextual Emphasis: Executive Education in the 1990s
  • Pedagogical Methods and Objectives
  • Traditional Executive Programs
  • Customized Executive Education
  • Action Learning
  • The Role of Technology
  • Design Principles for Future Executive Education in Business Marketing
  • The Paradox of Current Knowledge
  • Metaphors As Discovery Tools
  • Linking Explicit with Implicit Knowledge
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Appendix: Tools for Delivery
  • Lectures and Case Discussions
  • The Role of Simulations
  • Business Marketing Executive Education: A Commentary
  • Topical Trends in Business Marketing Executive Education
  • Delivery of Business Marketing Executive Education
  • Approximating Action Learning in the EMBA Classroom
  • Executive Education in Business Markets: A Reply to Commentary
  • Topics Addressed: Conceptual Structure in Business Marketing Education, Pedagogical Methods and Objectives, Action Learning, Role of Technology, Future Education in Business Marketing
  • Master’s-Level Education in Business Marketing: Quo Vadis?
  • Methodology
  • Research Procedure
  • Research Analyses
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Promoting Growth in Business Marketing Education
  • Reducing the Shortage of Master’s-Level Teaching Materials
  • Building a Business Marketing Educators’ Network
  • Conclusion
  • Master’s-Level Business Marketing Education: A Commentary
  • Introduction
  • Discussion
  • Suggestions for Future Research
  • Concluding Thoughts
  • Making Business Marketing More Prominent in Master’s Programs: A Reply to Commentary
  • Topics Addressed: Expanding the Scope of Business-to-Business Education, Areas for Further Research, Experience in Business Marketing
  • Business Marketing Education: A Distinctive Role in the Undergraduate Curriculum
  • Place in the Curriculum
  • Directions in Business Marketing Practice
  • Strategic Trends in Purchasing
  • Relationship Marketing
  • High-Technology Markets
  • Cross-Functional Connections
  • Fast-Paced Product Development
  • Central Themes and Knowledge Areas
  • Business Market Characteristics
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