Future Communication, Information and Computer Science: Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Future Communication, Information and Computer Science (FCICS 2014), May 22-23, 2014, Beijing, China., 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Future Communication, Information and Computer Science

Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Future Communication, Information and Computer Science (FCICS 2014), May 22-23, 2014, Beijing, China., 1st Edition

Edited by Dawei Zheng

CRC Press

472 pages

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The 2014 International Conference on Future Communication, Information and Computer Science (FCICS 2014) was held May 22-23, 2014 in Beijing, China. The objective of FCICS 2014 was to provide a platform for researchers, engineers and academics as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Computer, Network and Information Technology and Communication Engineering. This conference provided opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration. The program consisted of invited sessions, technical workshops and discussions with eminent speakers, and contributions to this proceedings volume cover a wide range of topics in Computer, Network and Information Technology and Communication Engineering.

Table of Contents

The boundary of cell density in mobile communication networks

M. Zhang, P. Butovitsch &Y.Wu

Factor analysis on regionalized remote sensing satellite data acquisition of territorial resources survey

J. Yang, P. Huang, G. Ma, L. Shi, Y. Zhan & Z.Wang

Extending the Deffuant model by incorporating the influence factor

J.P. Cao, H.Wang & F.C. Qiao

On nonabelian p-group containing a cyclic normal subgroup

L. Zeng

Computer simulation of sheet metal digital plastic forming process

J. Liu

An improved power control algorithm in cognitive radio

B.Wang, C. Zhang & S. Li

Exploration on teaching computer network course in application-oriented universities

X.H. Xiong & A.B. Ning

Development of search engine with negative keywords in Chinese and Japanese: Based on a computational model of inductive reasoning

Y.J. Zhang, A. Terai & M. Nakagawa

Simulation of water flow using graphical processing units (GPUs)

M.N. Rud & O.M. Zamyatina

A novel performance balancing strategy for low latency anonymous communication system

Z.L. Zhuo, Z.J. Zhong,W.N. Niu, X.S. Zhang, J.C. Li & L. Liang

Optimization of relay selection in DF cooperative systems with outdated CSI

L. Fei, J. Zhang, Q. Gao & X.-H. Peng

A novel hybrid approach for path explosion in concolic execution

W.N. Niu, Z.L. Zhuo, G.W. Yang, X.S. Zhang, J.C. Li & L. Liang

The method of establishing fault dictionary of tolerance circuit based on Fuzzy C-mean clustering algorithm

J. Yin, J.J. Hou & L. Huang

An innovative software testing course based on CDIO

C. Shan, R. Ma, X.L. Zhao & J.F. Xue

Optimization of parameters of the recognition method and quality analysis of images fine structures

S.V. Sai & N.Yu. Sorokin

Minimization of pump energy losses in dynamic automatic control of pressure in the main oil pipeline

D.P. Starikov, E.I. Rybakov, E.I. Gromakov & O.M. Zamyatina

A study on flower image recognition service of wildflowers in Gwacheon nature-learning places

H.-H. Lee & K.-S. Hong

Data processing method of fault samples in analog circuits

L. Huang & C. Yao

A scheduling scheme based on cognition for UWB wireless personal area network

Y. Guo & L. Huang

A data replica consistency maintenance scheme for cloud storage under healthcare IoT environment

B. Zhang, X.Wang & M. Huang

An effective game-theory based single-user handoff decision scheme in next generation internet

X.Wang, H. Cheng, J. Zhang & M. Huang

Spatial and activity data-collection and visualization in WWW environment

J. Masner, M. Stoces & J. Vanˇek

Use of ICT in education for mitigation of social exclusion

J. Jarolímek, M. Ulman, J. Vanek, J. Masner & M. Stoces

An online distributedVM migration scheme for congestion avoidance in data center networks

G. Deng, H.Wang & Z.H. Gong

Mobile application development options for news and information portals

M. Stoces, J. Vanek, J. Masner & J. Jarolímek

Chinese microblog sentiment classification considering users’ reviews based on Native Bayesian algorithm

B. Yan, B. Zhang, H.Y. Su & H. Zheng

A crowdedness measurement algorithm using an IR-UWB radar sensor

J.W. Choi & S.H. Cho

Distributed collaborative filtering recommendation model based on two-phase similarity

C.Q.Wang, H.Y. Su, Y. Zhu, F.X. Li & B. Yan

Blind source separation of QAM signals by using a novel optimality of the constant modulus algorithm

H. Zheng, B. Yan, H.Y. Su, Y.J. Liu & Z. Abderrahmen

An equidistance multi-human detection algorithm based on noise level using mono-static IR-UWB radar system

D.H. Yim & S.H. Cho

The application research of campus network remote access solution based on redundant architecture

S. Jing, Z. Zheng & R. Sun

Information and knowledge engineering in agricultural enterprises in the Czech Republic

M. Ulman, J. Tyrychtr, V. Vostrovský & J. Jarolímek

Measurement system for wide range frequency at nonlinear devices

N. Suresh Kumar & D.V. Rama Kotireddy

Adaptive bidirectional relay selection and optimal power allocation of cognitive networks

J.L. Jiang & R.H. Qiu

Research on practice education method of foundation courses in information specialty

Y. Li, Y.J. Tang & J.Wang

Estimation of nonlinear dynamics for ECG with Premature Ventricular Contraction (PVC) arrhythmia by polar coordinate mapping

J.-H. Kim, S.-E. Park & K.-S. Kim

Taint propagation path analysis based on program dependency

Y.Wang, C.Wang, C.Z. Hu & C. Shan

Research on computer network courses teaching based on constructivist learning theory

L.P. Feng, T. Li, H.Q. Liu & K. Xie

Adaptive access mechanism for IEEE 802.11 WLANs in non-saturated conditions

C. Shi, Z. Deng, S. He, H. Lin & J.Wang

The construction of outstanding engineers’ training-oriented physical chemistry curriculum system

L. Gao, Z. Fang,W. Gao, T. Gu, L. Zhang & Q. Li

Application research of improved adaptive weighted clustering algorithm in the maneuvering communication network

X. Gao, L. Liu & X. Guo

The research on the change characteristics of Chinese dual economy based on agricultural marginal productivity

J. Ren & A. Li

The teachers’ teaching ability is the fundamental guarantee for promoting the quality of classroom teaching

Z. Fang, M. Ge & J. Li

Electrical engineering and electronics course system construction based on outstanding engineers plans

X. Xu

A time and space efficient algorithm for tree inclusion problem

Y.J. Chen & Y.B. Chen

On the query evaluation in search engines

Y.J. Chen & W. Shen

Phylogenetic tree constructing algorithm based on K-means quantum clustering

T. Chen

The multiresolution analysis with radial symmetry elements

A.G. Shoberg & S.V. Sai

Automotive FlexRay communication system implementation

F. Luo,Y. Qu & C. Liu

Counts vs. weights: From traditional to untraditional complexity analysis of computer algorithms

N.K. Singh, D.K. Mallick & S. Chakraborty

Research on teaching reform methods of data structure

Z. Dong, Y. Tang & P. Cao

Reliable design for Earth-Mars transfer trajectory

Y. Yu,W. Lin, G. Dai & Q. Yuan

Data mining application in bank credit risk analysis

Y. Wang, C. Guo & D. Ma

Research on embedded system effective teaching method

J. Wang & L. Yang

An ontology of water systems to support BIM content library

Y. Liu, J. Zhang & R. Liu

Application and value of tourism culture

S. Zhang

Network management in education system

Y. Qi

Role of rational training management in physical education

G. He

Consideration of human resource management in competitive sports

G. Li

Financing mode and risk control of supply chain

R. Huang & W. Huang

Effect of corporate culture on corporate performance management

X. Yang

Research on the development of regional tourism culture

L. Yuan

Promotion of humanized management for education

F. Li

Influences of trade barriers on international economic situation

M. Bai

Reasonable application and management analysis on tourism culture

J. Dong & H. Li

Development of interactive computer-aided teaching mode of foreign languages

G. Chen

Detection and common repair strategy applied to automobile knock

Z. Junwei

Analysis on the manifestation of the green environmental protection concept in architectural engineering survey

C. Shi

Influence of supply chain integration on business performance

L. Zhang

Influence of computer technology on the development of E-business

Y. Chen

Analysis of methods dealing with computer image post processing

G. Feng

Analysis on teaching skills and mode of physical training

X. Zhang

Current situation of Chinese education management ethics

X. Wang

Application of computer graphics processing technology

Y. Lv

Security protection measures of wireless sensor network

J. Wang & M. Liu

Study on sustainable development based on geography

Z. Ming

Financing strategy analysis of small and micro businesses

P. Ling

The optimization analysis of the physical education major training program in the sight of innovation education

H. Songbo

Research on undergraduate students’ ideological and moral core values education

L. Yucui

Analysis on emotional communication in foreign language exchange

H. Feiying

Development and application of computer software technology

Z. Xiaoyun

Relations between regulation of socialist market economy and economic law


Financial security and improvement of financial law system in China

P. Lili

Sample handling method research in analytical chemistry

L. Mingmei &W. Meijuan

Analysis of effective management of data calls based on database

J. Jian

Analysis on risk prediction of enterprise marketing

L. Meige

Influence of mental health education on students’ values

F. Fang

Analysis and judgment of the unreliability of computer software technology

L. Guoqing

Analysis on technological core of refrigeration technology of air conditioner

P. Tianquan

Technology core and application management of remote automatic control technology

W. Jianli

Analysis on optimization-concept-based mode of multimedia information processing

S. Liang

Modern embodiment of socialist core values

L. Hao

Study on construction technology of green rubber concrete

Z. Hu

AHP model applied to study on the education mode of ideological and political course in universities

J. Lixin

Folk-toy craft culture and contemporary industry informatization

L. Han

Analysis of image sharpening and tonal processing technology

W. Huirong

Research and practice on dual-degree undergraduate personnel training mode under new situation

W. Meng

Analysis of English audio-visual-oral instruction model based on network information technology

Z. Song

Promotive function of literary works to English-language literature

Z. Chunhong

Influencing factors on the customer’s buying behavior of E-commerce

X. Bo

Application and reflect on modern English language and literature

L. Juan

Analysis on underlying factors of mental health

Q. Jinling

Technology application based on computer programming software

W. Ping

Analysis on strategy of computer foreign language interactive teaching enhancement

Y. Wu

Development and application of database based on SQL

L. Dan

Deficiencies and suggestions of physical training teaching in universities

D. Jie

Exploration of network marketing under micro-blogging environment

Z. Di

Research on trans-boundary mode of EGP and ESP vocabulary

W. Junzhong

Strategies on cultivating the ability of English-majored students in normal universities based on current employment situation

H. Fangling

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