1st Edition

Futureproofing If You Can Imagine it, it Will Happen, If You Can't - You're Out of it

By Roy Lilley, Peter Cochrane Copyright 1995
    184 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    If you can imagine it it will happen...if you can't you're out of it! This book is a white-knuckle ride. It drills down into what we are doing now and comes up in the future to see what comes next. The book is a commentary and a clarion call and an invitation to see round corners and a clarion call to respond to what's there. Roy Lilley has been speaking on Futureproofing around the world throughout the 'nineties. His aim has been to awaken managers entrepreneurs and anyone who will listen to the fact that the world is changing. Faster and faster like a spiral fundamentally and structurally leaving behand those who are unprepared. Thousands of people are now meeting the challenges Futureproofing presents. You decide - keep up or give up. If you have heard Roy Lilley speak on Futureproofing you will want this book ...if you have not yet heard him read it first.

    1. Permanent white water 2. I know 'cos I was there 3. The way we do what we do 4. Digging deeper 5. Unemployment 6. Trampled in the rush 7. What's it like over at your place? 8. Get educated, get a job, er 9. It's a crime, I think 10. Goose bump good 11. Faith, dope and charity 12. Pop, goes the weasel! 13. The non-rules of Futureproofing 14. Change-what change? 15. Recognize this place? 16. Epilogue


    Roy Lilley, Peter Cochrane