Futures: Imagining Socioecological Transformation  book cover
1st Edition

Futures: Imagining Socioecological Transformation

ISBN 9781138393004
Published January 3, 2019 by Routledge
218 Pages

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Book Description

Futures: Imagining Socioecological Transformation brings together leading scholars to explore how we might know, enact, and struggle for, the conjoined social and ecological transformations we need to achieve just and sustainable futures. The question of transformation, and how it might be achieved, is explored across a variety of topics and geographical sites, and through heterodox analytical and theoretical approaches, in a collective effort to move beyond a form of critique that hands down judgements, to one that brings new ideas and new possibilities to life. Chapters are lively and original engagements with concrete situations that sparkle with creativity. Together, they add up to an impressive study of how to live, and what to struggle for, in the complex socioecological landscapes of the Anthropocene. This book was previously published as a special issue of the Annals of the Association of American Geographers.

Table of Contents

1. Futures: Imagining Socioecological Transformation—An Introduction
Bruce Braun

Knowing Socioecological Futures

2. The Future of Environmental Expertise
Rebecca Lave

3. Knowing Climate Change, Embodying Climate Praxis: Experiential Knowledge in Southern Appalachia
Jennifer L. Rice, Brian J. Burke, and Nik Heynen

4. Temporalities in Adaptation to Sea-Level Rise
Ruth Fincher, Jon Barnett, and Sonia Graham

5. Translating Climate Change: Adaptation, Resilience, and Climate Politics in Nunavut, Canada
Emilie Cameron, Rebecca Mearns, and Janet Tamalik McGrath

The Politics of Socioecological Transformation

6. Environmental Politics After Nature: Conflicting Socioecological Futures
Becky Mansfield, Christine Biermann, Kendra McSweeney, Justine Law, Caleb Gallemore, Leslie Horner, and Darla K. Munroe

7. The Place and Time of the Political in Urban Political Ecology: Contested Imaginations of a River’s Future
Ryan Holifield and Nick Schuelke

8. Toward an Interim Politics of Resourcefulness for the Anthropocene
Kate Driscoll Derickson and Danny MacKinnon

9. Climate Change and the Adaptation of the Political
Joel Wainwright and Geoff Mann

10. A Manifesto for Abundant Futures
Rosemary-Claire Collard, Jessica Dempsey, and Juanita Sundberg

Imagined Futures: Art, Film, Literature

11. The Art of Socioecological Transformation
Harriet Hawkins, Sallie A. Marston, Mrill Ingram, and Elizabeth Straughan

12. These Overheating Worlds
Kendra Strauss

13. When Horses Won’t Eat: Apocalypse and the Anthropocene
Franklin Ginn

14. Imaginaries of Hope: The Utopianism of Degrowth
Giorgos Kallis and Hug March

Experiments in Socioecological Change

15. On the Possibilities of a Charming Anthropocene
Holly Jean Buck

16. Banking Spatially on the Future: Capital Switching, Infrastructure, and the Ecological Fix
Noel Castree and Brett Christophers

17. Biomimetic Futures: Life, Death, and the Enclosure of a More-Than-Human Intellect
Elizabeth R. Johnson and Jesse Goldstein

18. Agro-Ecology and Food Sovereignty Movements in Chile: Sociospatial Practices for Alternative Peasant Futures
Beatriz Cid Aguayo and Alex Latta

19. School Gardens as Sites for Forging Progressive Socioecological Futures

Sarah A. Moore, Jeffrey Wilson, Sarah Kelly-Richards, and Sallie A. Marston

20. From Incremental Change to Radical Disjuncture: Rethinking Everyday Household Sustainability Practices as Survival Skills
Chris Gibson, Lesley Head, and Chantel Carr

21. Transforming Household Consumption: From Backcasting to HomeLabs Experiments
Anna R. Davies and Ruth Doyle

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Bruce Braun is Professor of Geography at the University of Minnesota and a specialist in Environmental Thought and Politics. Current research includes Geosocial formations, green urbanism and apparatuses of government. His books include The Intemperate Rainforest: Nature, Culture and Power on Canada's West Coast, Political Matter: Technoscience, Democracy and Public Life, and Remaking Reality: Nature at the Millennium.