1st Edition

Futuristic Trends for Sustainable Ecosystem Proceedings of the Multidisciplinary International Conference on Futuristic Trends for Sustainable Ecosystem (FTSE 2021), August 26-28th 2021, Ahmedabad, India

Edited By Sailesh Iyer, Ashish Rami, Yashesh Darji, Rushika Patel Copyright 2022
    385 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    FTSE-2021 aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Multidisciplinary Research and Innovation. FTSE-2021 is dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly Individuals/Groups for presentation within the conference program. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns and challenges encountered providing Innovative and viable solutions.

    1. Analytical Study through Management Approach of Residential Buildings

    Dhiraj Bachwani, Dixit Patel, Mohammedshakil Malek, Deep Upadhyaya, Pooja Gohil and Pratiksha A Dhabuwala

    2. To Identify Recoverable Delays through the Integration of Lean Management

    Hardik R. Patel, Dr Mohammedshakil S. Malek, Mamata Rajgor and Prof. Dhiraj Bachwani,

    3. Investigation of Causative Factors and Effects of Delay of Projects in Building Construction in Ethiopia, (Case Study in Bule Hora Town)

    Habtamu Miju Teshome and Dr. Mohammedshakil S. Malek

    4. Investigation on the Implementation of Safety Management in Construction Sector of Baroda District

    Arunkumar L Patel, Mamata Rajgor and Dr. Mohammed Shakil S. Malek

    5. A Review on Application of Big Data Analytics in the Construction Industry

    Nidhi Jariwala, Dr. Mohammed Shakil Malek, Vismay Shah, Jaykumar Soni, Timir Chokshi and Keval Patel

    6. Comparative Analysis between Conventional Formwork and Specialized Formwork Building based on Cost and Duration

    Deep Upadhyaya, Dr. Mohammedshakil Malek, Pooja Gohil, Dixit Patel, Dhiraj Bachwani and Deep J Mistry

    7. Calibration and Testing of Novel Maturity Sensor

    Nishant Talpara and Dr. Devang Shah

    8. Piston Ring Design Modification to Improve Mechanical Efficiency of an I.C. Engine

    Hirendra G Vyas, D. M. Patel, P. D. Patel and A. Lakdawala

    9. Analysis of Applications of Nano-technology in Automotive Pollution Control

    Dr. Mukesh Thakur and Dr. Rohan Senanayake

    10. A Review Study on Piston Ring Coating and Surface Texturing to Improve Engine Performance

    Hirendra G Vyas and D. M. Patel

    11. Defect minimization through the Taguchi Method of Cylinder Liner

    Bhupendra Chudasama and D. M. Patel

    12. Impact of Various Process Parameters on Performance of ETHE—A Review

    Rampal Singh and Vijay Kumar Dwivedi

    13. Estimating Mass Balance Changes for Selected Glaciers in Ladakh for 1999, 2009 and 2019 Using Remote Sensing Techniques

    Anchal Bhasin, Pankaj Raina, Harshit Bhasin and Sunetro Ghosal

    14. Optimization of Biodiesel Production Process for Mixed Castor-Mahua Oil Using Response Surface Methodology

    Dipak R. Bhatti and Dr. Dilipbhai M. Patel

    15. Formulation and Validation of Physics based Mathematical Model of Helical Gear for Drag Power Loss

    Devendrakumar J. Marsonia and Dr. Dilipbhai M. Patel

    16. Identification and Evaluation of Air Pollutants and its Correlation with Ozone and Temperature in GIDC Vatva, Ahmedabad

    Rathod Amita Khemchandbhai and Patel Rushika

    17. Cyber Security Issues in Smart Cars Using K-Nn Pseudonym Route Analysis

    Dr. PT. Kalaivaani, Makineni Vennela, Morusu Likitha, Nelapati Yogitha, and Pathipati Sandhya

    18. CFD Analysis of Rectangular Fin Having Extensions of Two Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor

    Vijaykumar F. Pipalia and Dipesh D. Shukla

    19. Reduction in Energy Consumption Using Energy Aware Learning Automata Based Back-off Algorithm in Cyber Physical System

    Dr. P. T. Kalaivaani, Dr. R. Saravanakumar, S.Balakrishnan, M. Thiruppathi and R. S. Mathu Bala

    20. Emerging Trends In Education

    Murtaza Adenwala and Dr Himanshu Vaidya

    21. New Public Management and E-Governance in India: An Empirical Assessment of Governance in the Public Sector

    Dr. Meenu Sharma

    22. Investing the Impact of Predictive and Augmented Analytics in the Marketing of Consumer Durable Goods

    Dr. Vijayakumar Thota

    23. A Study on the Impact of COVID-19 on Export of Automobiles from India

    Dr. M.Sekar

    24. Training for Greenfield Projects for a Sustainable Ecosystem

    Anjani Kishore Sahay and Dr Anupama Verma

    25. Role of Top Management and Change Management in User Participation for Successful ERP Implementation

    Miten Maru and Dr. I. S Singh

    26. Role of Effective Communication Skills in Marketing: A Complete Strategy

    Dr. Harinder Kaur

    27. Creativity & Innovation in Banking Industry of India

    Desai Trupti Dineshbhai and Dr. Jagdish R. Raiyani

    28. Knowledge and Practice of Bio-Medical Waste Management among Employees of Gandhi Hospital, Kalyani

    Sneha Thakkar and Dr. Bappaditya Sinha

    29. Employee Happiness in Selected Micro Small and Medium Scale Industrial Units

    Mr. Maulik Dave, Dr. Ashish B. Joshi and Dr. Ashish Rami

    30. A Study of Employee Happiness amongst Selected Micro Small and Medium Enterprises of Jamnagar District

    Mr. Maulik Dave, Dr. Ashish B. Joshi and Dr. Ashish Rami

    31. Financial Illiteracy and Fragility of Small Businesses During the Time of Uncertainty: A Case Study of Baba Ka Dhaba

    Prof Dr Gurbir S Khera, Avinash Kumar, Sriram Narayanan, Kalpana and

    Muskan Gupta

    32. A Review on Single Cell Protein Production: More than just Producing Protein Supplement

    Nidhi Jodhwani

    33. Spatio-temporal Activity of Mammals in Nandhaur Wildlife Sanctuary (NWS), Uttarakhand, India

    Ajaz Hussain, Harish Guleria, Abhin N., Bivash Pandav, Gaurav Sirola and

    G. S. Rawat

    34. Isolation and Identification of Microbial Strain from Industrial Soil of Selected Ahmedabad Region

    Kinjal Gohil and Sandesh Chibber

    35. A Study of Physico Chemical Parameters of Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad District, Gujarat, India

    Divya Ramesh Kumar Patel and Dr. Sandesh Chibber

    36. Bioethanol Production from Cellulosic Agricultural Waste: A Review

    Sanketkumar Ahir

    37. A Study of Heavy Metal Contamination in Soil and Water Near by the Industrial Area of Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Ankleshwar, Gujarat

    A. Salauddin and Sandesh Chibber

    38. Plant Microbial Fuel Cell—A Potential Source for Bioelectricity Generation

    H.H. Mehta, Y.D. Joshi, D.G. Patel and Y.H.Mehta

    39. Lethal Concentration 50 (LC50) of Urea Fertilizer and Induced Morphological Changes on Eisenia Fetida

    Mamta Passi and Professor Vineeta Shukla

    40. Effect of Weather Parameters on Growth and Yield of Black Scented and Aromatic Rice Cultivars of Manipur

    Ionebala Devi Hanglem, Imotomba Singh R.K., Satya Sarma and Vivekananda Yaikhom

    41. Cluster Analysis for Automatic Vehicle Counting Management System for Road Traffic Network

    Edeh Michael Onyema, Aabha Sharma, Samir Ghouali, Amina Elbatoul Dinar and Mohammed Seghir Guellile

    42. Home Automation Using Internet of Things

    Vishawjyoti Rathee, Nikhil Dutt, Mahak Gupta and Jai Singh

    43. Automatically Produced Ontology Diagram from the Paragraph for Multi-site Software Development

    Hemant H. Patel, Dr. Nitesh M. Sureja and Chetan J. Shingadiya

    44. Implication of Blockchain Technology to Enhance the Security in Data Handling and Sharing

    Shanthi Makka, Sunitha Lingam and Gagandeep Arora

    45. 3-D Fuzzy Object Recognition Using Unprecisiated Fuzzy Logic—A Mathematical Model

    Abdul Rahman, Parvez Mehmood Khan, Mohdamed Kuresh Safir and M. M. Sufyan Beg

    46. Predict and Detect of Insect Pest Attack and Diseases on Soya Bean Crops—A Survey

    Chandrakant Mahobiya, Dr. Sanajay Sonar and Dr. Savita Kolhe

    47. Reason to Secure Cyber Attacks in India

    Mrs. Mridula Batra, Peeyush Sharma, Divyansh Pushkarna and Mayank Bhati

    48. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Vishawjyoti Rathee, Nidhi Buttan, Muskan Jain and Shruti Varshney

    49. A Study of Blockchain Technology and its Challenges

    Syeda Husna Mehanoor, Dr. Sonia and Mohammed Tariq Alam

    50. Use of Birth Data in Multiple Platforms in India

    Supriya Sharma

    51. Machine Learning in Vlsi Models with Deep Learning Based HMM Model: A Concept

    Mr. Arpit Yadav and Dr. Swapnil Jain


    Sailesh Iyer, Professor, CSE Dept., RSE, Rai University

    Ashish Rami, Head, Rai School of Management Studies, Rai University

    Yashesh Darji, Head, Mechanical Engineering Dept., RSE, Rai University

    Rushika Patel, Head, Department of Life Sciences, Rai School of Sciences, Rai University