Fuzzy Control Systems  book cover
1st Edition

Fuzzy Control Systems

ISBN 9780849344961
Published September 27, 1993 by CRC Press
656 Pages

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Book Description

Fuzzy Control Systems explores one of the most active areas of research involving fuzzy set theory. The contributors address basic issues concerning the analysis, design, and application of fuzzy control systems. Divided into three parts, the book first devotes itself to the general theory of fuzzy control systems. The second part deals with a variety of methodologies and algorithms used in the analysis and design of fuzzy controllers. The various paradigms include fuzzy reasoning models, fuzzy neural networks, fuzzy expert systems, and genetic algorithms. The final part considers current applications of fuzzy control systems. This book should be required reading for researchers, practitioners, and students interested in fuzzy control systems, artificial intelligence, and fuzzy sets and systems.

Table of Contents

Foreword (L.A. Zadeh). Preface (A. Kandel and G. Langholz). General Theory: Learning Algorithms for Neuro-Fuzzy Networks (P.Y. Glorennec). Towards a Unified Theory of Intelligent Autonomous Control Systems (L.J. Kohout). Reasoning by Analogy in Fuzzy Controllers (W. Pedrycz). Information Complexity and Fuzzy Control (A. Ramer and V. Kreinovich). Alternative Structures for Knowledge Representation in Fuzzy Logic Controllers (R.R. Yager). Methodologies and Algorithms: Dynamic Analysis of Fuzzy Logic Control Structures (A. Garcia-Cerezo, A. Ollero, and J. Aracil). Intelligent Fuzzy Controller for Event-Driven, Real Time Systems and its VLSI Implementation (J. Grantner, M. Patyra, and M.S. Stachowicz). Constraint-Oriented Fuzzy Control Schemes for Cart-Pole Systems by Goal Decoupling and Genetic Algorithms (O. Katai, M. Ida, T. Sawaragi, S. Iwai, S. Kohno, and T. Kataoka). A Self Generating and Tuning Method for Fuzzy Modeling Using Interior Penalty Method and Its Application to Knowledge Acquisition of Fuzzy Controller (R. Katayama, Y. Kajitani, and Y. Nishida). Fuzzy Control of VSS Type and Its Robustness (S. Kawaji and N. Matsunaga). The Composition of Heterogeneous Control Laws (B. Kuipers and K. Astrom). Synthesis of Nonlinear Controllers Via Fuzzy Logic (R. Langari). Fuzzy Controls under Product-Sum-Gravity Methods and New Fuzzy Control Methods (M. Mizumoto). Fuzzy Modeling for Adaptive Process Control (Y. Nakamori). Fuzzy Controller with Matrix Representation (M. Nakatsuyama, J.H. Yan, and H. Kaminaga). A Self-Tuning Method of Fuzzy Reasoning by Genetic Algorithm (H. Nomura, I. Hayashi, and N. Wakami). Hybrid Neural-Fuzzy Reasoning Model with Application to Fuzzy Control (D. Park, A. Kandel, and G. Langholz). Learning Fuzzy Control Rules from Examples (S.G. Romaniuk and L.O. Hall). A Computational Approach to Fuzzy Logic Controller Design and Analysis Using Cell State Space Methods (S.M. Smith, B. Nokleby, and D.J. Comer). An Adaptive Fuzzy Control Model Based on Fuzzy Neural Networks (X. Zhang, P. Wang, Z. Shen, and X. Peng). Implementations and Applications: Human Friendly Fuzzy Transportation System (T. Iokibe and T. Kimura). Control of a Chaotic System
Using Fuzzy Logic (C.L. Karr and E.J. Gentry). Applications of a Fuzzy Control Technique to Superconducting Actuators Using High-Tc Superconductors (M. Komori and T. Kitamura). A Fuzzy Logic Based Approach to Machine Tool Control Optimization (J.R.A. Lopez, E.A. Gutierrez, and L.C. Rosa). Fuzzy Management of Cache Memories (M.A. Manzoul). Fuzzy Controllers on Semi-Custom VLSI Chips (M.A. Manzoul). General Analysis of Fuzzy-Controlled Phase-Locked Loop (H.N. Teodorescu and A. Brezulianu). A Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Rigid Disk Drive (S. Yoshida). Author's Biographical Information. Index.

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"Must reading for anyone interested in acquiring a thorough understanding of fuzzy logic, its role in soft computing, and its application to control and related fields."
-Lotfi A. Zadeh
From the Foreword