1st Edition

GIS Technology Applications in Environmental and Earth Sciences

By Bai Tian Copyright 2017
    278 Pages
    by CRC Press

    278 Pages 123 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book starts with an overview of GIS technology, what GIS technology is, what it can do, what software products are available, etc. Then, throughout the book, the author explains with many case studies, programs, maps, graphics, and 3D models how GIS and other related technologies can be used to automate mapping processes, collect, process, edit, store, manage, and share datasets, statistically analyze data, model, and visualize large datasets to understand patterns, trends, and relationships to make educated decisions. This book is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in GIS and related technologies, geology, natural resource, and environmental science.

    General Overview of GIS. Collecting Field Data More Efficiently with GIS AND GPS Technologies. Processing and Analyzing Data to Extract Useful and Meaningful Information. Mapping and Analyzing Geology Data with GIS. Data Modeling and Visualization. Sharing GIS Data and Maps through the Internet.


    Bai Tian is an interdisciplinary expert of Geographic Information System (GIS), geology, environmental, and natural resource sciences, with 30 years of working and managing experience in these disciplines. In the past 18 years, he has been managing GIS departments which were involved in hundreds of environmental and geological projects, with thousands of project sites across the United States, its territories (Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, Saipan, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands), and other countries, such as Iraq, Libya, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda, Haiti, etc. He is one of the early pioneers who introduced GIS technology into geological and environmental fields. Since early 1990s, he has written many papers for numerous conferences and scientific journals

    "This book was well written by an outstanding interdisciplinary expert with a long and successful career. It uses many case studies to explain how spatial technologies can be utilized to understand and solve problems in a variety of scientific fields. Different from other books, the case studies in this book were selected from the impressively large number of real-world projects the author worked worldwide, e.g. the demolition of the chemical weapons in Libya, reported by The New York Times. It is an excellent reference book suitable for a wide range of readers who are interested in GIS, environmental science, geology, resource management, civil engineering, planning, and many more. Besides its rich contents in technologies, this book is also inspiring spiritually, especially for students and young professionals."
    —Mary Lee, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

    "GIS Technology Applications in Environmental and Earth Sciences is a valuable resource. Bai Tian has a solid history and vast experience in these fields. Bai Tian’s academic and professional career has given him a wellspring of knowledge in the world of GIS and Earth Science. His book provides a source for useful information on the topics. As well as real-world applications used in variety of professional projects from the industry. This is not just theory; this is how GIS is used for Environmental Remediation. Many important topics are covered such as efficient and proper field data collection techniques. The amount of case studies within the book related to professional level projects with industry proven results is priceless. This is a wonderful book and a must have for students and professionals alike!"
    — Matthew Scheuer, Parsons, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

    "GIS Technology Applications in Environmental and Earth Sciences provides a wealth of information about GIS software for use in environmental applications. The author provides a good overvi