1st Edition

Gay Men at Midlife Age Before Beauty

By James T Sears, Alan L Ellis Copyright 2001
    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    “Those of us in our forties and fifties came of age in the 1960s and 1970s--a time when the available commentary on gay life was anything but supportive. Until 1973, homosexuality was a diagnosable mental illness.” --from the Introduction by Alan L. Ellis

    Today, that literary blindness is being remedied. Take an in-depth look into the lives of 15 gay men and how they relate to their own aging with Gay Men at Midlife: Age Before Beauty, a fascinating new book that explores and clarifies the issues that confront gay men as they age.

    What happens to gay men's lives when they reach middle age?

    The essays in Gay Men at Midlife: Age Before Beauty offer a realistic picture of both the challenges and the joys that present themselves in the lives of gay men at midlife. The book does not gloss over the difficulties of the experience; you will truly come to understand that each gay man is not alone in confronting the pain and mourning that may accompany middle age.

    The people who frankly, openly, and intelligently discuss their personal lives in Gay Men at Midlife: Age Before Beauty include:

    • psychotherapist/popular columnist Tom Moon (San Francisco, California)
    • professor of philosophy and literature Alejandro Medina-Bermudez (Madrid, Spain)
    • television executive George Pierson (Bethesda, Maryland)
    • multimedia artist Trevor Southey (born in the country now known as Zimbabwe, currently working in San Francisco)
    • activist/researcher Frank Wong (New York) . . . plus 10 more individuals from varying backgrounds!
    Gay Men at Midlife: Age Before Beauty provides a look at how these individuals are redefining the stereotypes of aging gay men and empowering themselves to find meaning and purpose in the second half of their lives.

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    • Chapter 1. Introduction: The Beauty of Men
    • Chapter 2. A Vipassana Romance
    • Chapter 3. Breaking Through
    • Chapter 4. I'm Still Here
    • Chapter 5. Before a (Prospective) Visit to the Land of the Lotus-Eaters
    • Chapter 6. Waking Up on the Other Side
    • Chapter 7. Calvin
    • Chapter 8. In the Center Ring
    • Chapter 9. Voyage to Ithaka
    • Chapter 10. Dutiful Son, Dutiful Friend
    • Chapter 11. The Choice
    • Chapter 12. Tesoro
    • Chapter 13. This Body
    • Chapter 14. Sense of Place
    • Chapter 15. A Photograph
    • Chapter 16. Between the Living and the Leaving


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