1st Edition

Gender Democracy in Trade Unions

By Anne McBride Copyright 2001

    This title was first published in 2001. Detailed interviews with activists and case studies of decision-making bodies show how different membership groups exploit equal opportunities strategies to facilitate or impede women. These case studies expose the conundrum of understanding women as a differentiated but distinct membership group. They illustrate why women activists need to be understood in their diverse and multiple roles of being low paid workers, black women, lesbians and members of political parties, but also demonstrate that women are most empowered when treated as an oppressed social group.

    Lists of Figures and Tables -- Acknowledgements -- List of Abbreviations -- 1 Introduction -- 2 Making Sense of Democracy -- 3 UNISON in the Making -- 4 Women Gaining Access -- 5 Taking Part in the Electoral Process -- 6 Fair Representation and Diversity -- 7 The Role of Women’s Self-Organisation -- 8 Making a Difference in Local Government? -- 9 Making a Difference at Regional Level? -- 10 The Reshaping of Democracy? -- Appendix -- Bibliography.


    University of Warwick.