528 Pages 600 Color Illustrations
    by Garland Science

    The new edition of Gene Control has been updated to include significant advances in the roles of the epigenome and regulatory RNAs in gene regulation. The chapter structure remains the same: the first part consists of pairs of chapters that explain the mechanisms involved and how they regulate gene expression, and the second part deals with specific biological processes (including diseases) and how they are controlled by genes. Coverage of methodology has been strengthened by the inclusion more explanation and diagrams.

    The significant revision and updating will allow Gene Control to continue to be of value to students, scientists and clinicians interested in the topic of gene control.

    1. Level of Gene Control
    2. Structure of Chromatin
    3. The Epigenome: Role of Chromatin Structure in Gene Control
    4. The Process of Transcription
    5. Transcription Factors and Transcriptional Control
    6. Post-transcriptional Processes
    7. Post-transcriptional Regulation
    8. Gene Control and Cellular Signaling Pathways
    9. Gene Control in Embryonic Development
    10. Control of Cell Type-specific Gene Expression
    11. Gene Regulation and Cancer
    12. Gene Regulation and Human Disease
    13. Conclusion and Future Prospects


    David S. Latchman Master of Birkbeck, University of London and Professor of Genetics, Birkbeck and Institute of Child Health University College London