Genetic Effects on Aging (Hardback) book cover

Genetic Effects on Aging

By David E. Harrison

Series Editor: Patrick J. Kelly

© 1990 – CRC Press

573 pages

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pub: 1990-08-09
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This volume provides background knowledge useful to those setting out to do genetic studies of aging in mammals, and raises vital questions: How many genes are important in mammalian aging? What are the optimal methods for their study? To what degree are patterns of aging, and patterns of growth and development part of the same process? Do patterns of development predict subsequent patterns of growth and aging? Are there a few fundamental aging processes, or does every biological system age? The rapid rate of progress in this field required a new volume with a new approach, based on the combination of classical genetics and the powerful new tools of molecular genetics. Although mammalian systems are emphasized, representatives of the advanced genetic studies in Drosophila and other model systems are included. The purpose is to enrich and stimulate genetic studies of mammalian aging by suggesting and evaluating future possibilities.

Table of Contents

Preface. Introduction. EVOLUTIONARY GENETICS OF AGING. The 'Disposable Soma' Theory of Aging (Kirkwood). Natural Selection and Life History Patterns (Charlesworth). Evolutionary Genetics of Aging in Drosophila (Rose). Flight Duration in Drosophila (Graves and Rose). Quantitative Genetic Analysis of Postponed Aging in Drosophila melanogaster (Hutchinson and Rose). Commentary. AGING GENETICS IN NONMAMMALS. Genetic Variants and Mutations of C. elegans Provide Handles for Dissecting the Aging Process (Johnson et al.). Effects of Single-Gene Mutations on Aging, as Measured Multiparametrically (Russell and Seppa). Mutations in Drosophila that Act in the Larval Stage and Influence Larval or Adult Longevity (Grigliatti et al.). A Fly-By View of Aging (Garen). Avian Longevity and Aging(Calder). GENETICS OF AGING RETARDATION. Perspectives on Genetic Variability in Behavioral Aging of Mice (Ingram). Biomarker Characteristics and Research on the Genetics of Aging (McClearn). The Effect of Dietary Restriction on the Expression of a Variation of Genes (Wagoner et al.). Commentary: Selection for Increased Longevity in Response to Dietary Restriction. STRAIN AND MUTANT EFFECTS ON NEUROENDOCRINE AND IMMUNE AGING. Rate and Occurrence of Lesions in 20 Inbred and Hybrid Genotypes of Rats and Mice Sacrificed at 6 Month Intervals During the First Years of Life (Bronson). Development of a Genetic Model for Acatalasemia: Testing the Oxygen Free Radical Theory of Aging (Bewley et al.). Genetic Relationships Between Puberty, Reproduction and Lifespan (Nelson). Genetics of Altered Signal Transduction During Aging (Roth). Gene Expression in T Lymphocytes from Aging Mice (Miller). CHROMOSOME REGIONS AND MUTATIONS AFFECTING AGING. An Analysis of Class I and Class II Major Histocompatibility Antigen Expression on C57BL/6 Lymphocytes During Aging (Janick-Buckner et al.). Studies on the Effects of Age, Ovarian Steroids and Genotype on Reproductive Neuroendocrine Changes in Female Mice (Lerner and Finch). Use of Genetic Models to Investigate the Hypophyseal Regulation of Senescence (Flurkey and Harrison). Peromyscus as a Gerontologic Animal; Aging and MHC (Smith et al.). Murine Chromosomal Regions Affecting Lifespan (Watson et al.). PROGEROID MUTANTS AND ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE. Segmental and Unimodal Progeroid Syndromes of Man (Martin). Progeria: A Genetic Disease of Model and Premature Aging (Brown). Modification of Host Precursor Proteins to Amyloid Fibrils in Alzheimer's Disease (Guiroy and Gajdusek). Linkage Analysis in Familial Alzheimer's Disease (Haines). Bibliographies. c. 400 pp., hardcover, 1989, ISBN 0-936923-31-8.

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