144 Pages
    by Garland Science

    Compiled by a well known and respected team of editors and contributors from interdisciplinary backgrounds, this book has its origins in the Euroscreen project, a research project funded by the European Commission to examine the legal and ethical issues arising from the use of genetic testing and screening since 1990. Contributors from members of a sub-group look at the likely impact of genetic testing on insurance.
    It will be published at a point when the significant controversy surrounding this issue will have intensified throughout the European Union. Although taking a European perspective, it addresses US issues where there is a strong interest in comparative legislative strategies, taking a themed approach, this book looks comprehensively at the basis issues with an analytical rather than a descriptive approach.

    1. Insurance, Genetics and Solidarity. 2. Genetics, Insurance and Risk. 3. Genetic Discrimination. 4. Genetic Discrimination and Insurance in Practice. 5. Social and Private Systems of Health Insurance. 6. Genetic Testing and the Insurance Industry. 7. Insurance, Genetics and the Law. 8. The Implications of Genetic Regulation for Insurance: The Austrian Experience. 9. Clinical Aspects of Genetics and Insurance: The Developement and Roles of Codes of Practice. 10. Policy Options for Health and Life Insurance: in the Era of Genetic Testing.


    EWALD, FRANCOIS; McGleenan, T.; Wiesing, Urban

    "this book is an excellent summary of the evolution of genetics, insurance and the law up to very recently. It is an excellent first reference source for insurers, actuaries and clinicians and ethicists". Human Genetics 2000; ; "the overall result is