1st Edition

Genetics of Common Diseases Future Therapeutic and Diagnostic Possibilities

Edited By Ian Day, Prof Steve Humphries Copyright 1997
    344 Pages
    by Garland Science

    Many common diseases are partly attributable to the genes which an individual inherits. Early steps have now been made in developing ways to determine which genetic variations are important, with some recent successes. In parallel, ways to improve healt

    Contributors -- Abbreviations -- Preface -- 1 Perspectives in human linkage studies. /S. Povey -- Pairwise linkage analysis of Mendelian traits -- Finding the cause of a disease which shows clear Mendelian inheritance -- After a LOO score of +3, what next? -- Narrowing the search by searching for critical recombinants -- Linkage disequilibrium -- Linkage analysis in more complex situations -- Linkage in complex traits -- Why are we doing this? -- References -- 2 Twin research: nature versus nurture in common diseases. /K.O. Kyvik -- Introduction -- History -- Biology of twinning -- Demography -- Twin studies -- Assumptions -- T he concept of concordance rates -- Heritability -- Twin studies and common diseases -- Other types of twin studies -- Conclusion -- References -- 3 The molecular basis of genetic variation: mutation detection methodologies and limitations. /E. Spanakis and I.N.M. Day -- Introduction -- Current theories of mutation -- Parallel development of theory with methodology -- Methods of mutation detection -- Limitations of current methods for mutation detection -- Our approaches -- Conclusions -- References -- 4 Finding susceptibility genes for schizophrenia. /M.J. Owen and M.C. O'Donovan -- Introduction -- Molecular genetic approaches to schizophrenia -- Candidate gene association studies -- Conclusions -- References -- 5 Approaches to determining the genetic basis of noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. /M. McCarthy -- Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) -- Overview of approaches to dissect NIDDM -- Choosing a candidate gene -- Exploring candidate genes -- Assessing genotype-phenotype correlations -- Understanding the biology of complex traits -- References -- 6 Population-scale genotype assays: APOE gene in Alzheimer's dementia and coronary risk. /I.N.M. Day, D. Palamand and E. Spanakis -- Introduction: availability of population-scale gene testing -- Background -- Some future possibilities -- References -- 7 Genetic tests for corona


    Department of Medicine, University College London Medical School, The Rayne Institute, London, UK (address from October 1997: Wessex Human Genetics Institute, Southampton University Hospital, Southampton, UK). Department of Medicine, University College London Medical School, The Rayne Institute, London, UK.

    "I recommend this book as a good introduction to this exciting area." BMJ; ; "In summary, this book is an interesting and very informative attempt to bring together aspects of our rapidly increasing knowledge of the genetics of common diseases, with poss