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L. Jolivet


N.-C. Nataf

ISBN 9789058092205
Published December 31, 2000 by CRC Press
236 Pages

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Book Description

Translation of ‘Geodynamique’, Paris, Dunod, 1998.



Table of Contents

Foreword; Acknowledgements; Introduction

1. PLATE TECTONICS: 1. Introduction; 2. Plate kinematics;

2. PLATE BOUNDARIES: 1. Mid-oceanic ridges; 2. Intraoceanic transform faults; 3. Subduction;

3. DEFORMATION OF PLATES: 1. Deformation and displacements; 2. Rheology of the lithosphere; 3. Forces; 4. Methods of determination of continental deformation; 5. Intracontinental transform faults: San Andreas Fault; 6. Fragmentation of continents and extensional tectonics; 7. Deformation of the upper plate in subduction zones; 8. Obduction of ophiolites, a prelude to collision; 9. Continental collision: deformation of Asia

4. DRIVING FORCE OF PLATE MOTIONS AND DEFORMATIONS: MANTLE CONVECTION: 1. Deep-level structure of the earth: a review; 2. Convection; 3. Influence of Rheology on Convection; 4. Plates: a manifestation of mantle convection; 5. Heterogeneities in the mantle; 6. Global dynamics; 7. Hot spots;

Conclusion; References; Index;

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