1st Edition

Geographies of Displacement/s

Edited By Kendra Strauss Copyright 2023

    This book assembles cutting edge contemporary research and thinking on multiple forms and meanings of displacements and their geographies: patterns of shifting, dislocation, or putting out of place; substitutions of one idea for another or the unconscious transfer of intense feelings or emotions; activities occurring outside their normal context; and replacements of one thing by another.

    The COVID-19 pandemic, declared by the World Health Organization in 2020, produced new displacements and intensified existing patterns of displacement and dispossession. At the same time, socionatural displacements - floods, fires, droughts, hurricanes, sea-level rise, species loss, and dislocation - were the backdrop to the displaced and deferred hopes of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference. The chapters in this volume contend with how we as geographers conceptualize and theorize displacements; the range of sites, spaces, processes, affects, scales, and actors we study with to understand them; and what is at stake politically in how we research displacements. It is also a pandemic archive of academic labor, in which we find traces of displacements within and beyond the academic discipline of geography.

    Geographies of Displacement/s will be of particular interest to students, scholars and researchers of Geography including those interested in human geography, socio-natural displacements, and the politics of migration and displacement. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of Annals of the American Association of Geographers.

    Introduction: Displacements

    Kendra Strauss

    Part I: Theorizing Displacements

    1. The Need for Inter/Subdisciplinary Thinking in Critical Conceptualizations of Displacement

    Asa Roast, Deirdre Conlon, Glenda Garelli and Louise Waite

    2. Provincializing Trump: Organized Displacement in Global Politics

    Diren Valayden

    3. Environmental Displacement in the Anthropocene

    Elizabeth Lunstrum and Pablo S. Bose

    4. Species on the Move: Environmental Change, Displacement and Conservation

    Richard Matthew, Elaine (Lan Yin) Hsiao, Philippe Le Billon and Galeo Saintz

    5. Cumulative Socionatural Displacements: Reconceptualizing Climate Displacements in a World Already on the Move

    Lisa C. Kelley, Annie Shattuck and Kimberley Anh Thomas

    6. The Power to Stay: Climate, Cocoa, and the Politics of Displacement

    Sean F. Kennedy

    7. Robotics, Affective Displacement, and the Automation of Care

    Casey R. Lynch, David Bissell, Lily A. House-Peters and Vincent J. Del Casino Jr.

    Part II: Understanding Experiences of Displacement: Concepts, Methodologies, and Data

    8. Lessons from Fire: The Displaced Radiata Pine on Mapuche Homelands and the California Roots of Chile’s Climate Crisis

    Cinthya Ammerman

    9. For Autoethnographies of Displacement Beyond Gentrification: The Body as Archive, Memory as Data

    Stefano Bloch

    10. Trauma as Displacement: Observations from Refugee Resettlement

    Patricia Ehrkamp, Jenna M. Loyd and Anna J. Secor

    11. The Double Bind of Displacement: U.S. Sanctions, the Muslim Ban, and Experiences of Dislocation for Iranians Pursuing Higher Education in the United States

    A. Marie Ranjbar

    12. Urban Flight and Rural Rights in a Pandemic: Exploring Narratives of Place, Displacement, and "the Right to Be Rural" in the Context of COVID-19

    S. Ashleigh Weeden, Jean Hardy and Karen Foster

    Part III: Urbanization and Infrastructures

    13. Rebordering South Asia: Displaced Persons and Urbanization

    Sharif A. Wahab and Ishan Ashutosh

    14. Market-Induced Displacement and Its Afterlives: Lived Experiences of Loss and Resilience

    Helga Leitner, Eric Sheppard and Emma Colven

    15. Subterranean Displacements and Replacements in Singapore: Politics, Materialities, and Mentalities

    Chih Yuan Woon and Klaus Dodds

    16. Vertical Gentrification: A 3D Analysis of Luxury Housing Development in New York City

    John Lauermann

    17. Displacement without Redistribution: Practicality and Reproduction in the Digitalization of Logistics

    Jess Bier

    Part IV: Bringing in the State

    18. Disrupting Infrastructures of Colonial Hydro-Modernity: Lepcha and Dakelh Struggles against Temporal and Territorial Displacements

    Mabel Denzin Gergan and Tyler McCreary

    19. Revisiting the Natures of War: Aegean Islands and the Ecologies of Displacement during the Civil War (1946–1949)

    Dimitrios Bormpoudakis and Panos Bourlessas

    20. Multiscalar Practices of Fossil Fuel Displacement

    Siddharth Sareen, Jakob Grandin and Håvard Haarstad

    21. Precarious (Dis)Placement: Temporality and the Legal Rewriting of Refugee Protection in Denmark

    Malene H. Jacobsen

    Part V: Politics and Praxis

    22. Contending with the Palimpsest: Reading the Land through Black Women’s Emotional Geographies

    Andrea Roberts and Maia L. Butler

    23. Disrupting Displacements: Making Knowledges for Futures Otherwise in Gullah/Geechee Nation

    Kate Driscoll Derickson

    24. Community-Engaged Regenerative Mapping in an Age of Displacement and COVID-19

    Solange Muñoz, Elizabeth A. Walsh, J. A. Cooper and Jeremy Auerbach

    25. "Migration Is Not a Crime": Migrant Justice and the Creative Uses of Paddington Bear

    David K. Seitz

    26. "We’re Still Here": An Abolition Ecology Blockade of Double Dispossession of Gullah/Geechee Land

    Dean Hardy, Maurice Bailey and Nik Heynen


    Kendra Strauss is a Feminist Economic and Labour Geographer who has published widely on paid and unpaid work, care labour, social reproduction, and geographies of labor regulation. She is a Professor in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology at Simon Fraser University, where she is the Director of the Labour Studies Program, and an Associate Member of the Department of Geography. She is also an Editor, Human Geography, for the Annals of the American Association of Geographers.